Monday, October 26, 2009


I felt so much better after having the conversation with DH. He is so worried about all the money we are spending on IF. I get it, I do. The good news is I have some money saved and some insurance money we can put against this last DE try. It will bring the actual costs right down.

It is a glorious autumn day today. I love days like these. They remind me of why I came to the US in the first place. I love weather. Hot, sunny, cold, snowy. Just can't stand rain (hey I grew up in the UK, can you blame me!). According to the farmers almanac it is supposed to be a very snowy winter. Hope so. It's still too early to see myself preggers this winter. Maybe that will come later.

My mother has yet another IF suggestion. This time it is based on not eating wheat, drinking coffee, no sugar, etc... Yeah ok, Ma. Haven't told her that we have given up on my eggs. I have told her that we are trying another IVF in December "one last try" so I should expect mucho suggestions. She has no faith in western medicine and all faith in anything remotely alternative. I don't blame her, she has had some horrendous experiences with the docs, particularly around pregnancy and childbirth. Needless to say I listen and contemplate. If we do get preggers then I shall say that I followed her advice.

On Saturday I am in the Parade. My costume - well I think it is a zombie sea creature.I have a black shift dress covered in sparkle with purple gloves and a hat with white flower things. My make up is purple and gold I believe. No idea where this comes from or what it means - I am there as my DH camera assistant. He has a rather snazzy dress and a very long green hat that is so phallic I chocked on my tea when he first put it on. I mean VERY phallic. VERY VERY phallic.

Oh the irony.


  1. I'm glad you and DH had a good conversation -- IF puts so much strain on a relationship, and so I am glad you could work it out smoothly.
    You are in the parade? Really? My cousin's band is playing, so this year I might make the trip downtown to see it (I kind of hate crowds, but seems worth it!).

  2. Happy to hear you had the talk and can get it all worked out. It is an added burden to relationships. I always say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And, for the record, I cut out wheat this time around beginning on transfer day. Long story about that, but I can't say that it had no effect....

  3. Hm, wonder who designed your DH's man-part hat? How funny. Well, I know how good it feels to get things worked out after an argument. To me it sounds like you've got the financial basis covered, which is a good thing. As for your mom, you're handling the suggestions just fine. Someday she'll know, right? Enjoy the lovely day.

  4. If you'd like to email privately about your trip to SF and the possibility of meeting, email me at

  5. Hi - that is good news! So glad that you and DH were able to talk and come to some understanding:)
    Curious to know where in the UK you are from?
    I am from East Yorkshire and have been here in the midwest for about 13 years:)
    Actually I don't mind the rain - but it does not really rain much here anyway - and I have finally figured out that when I walk the dogs I need really good rain gear!

  6. I'm so glad that you and DH talked things out and are now on the same page. Have fun at the Halloween parade - it sounds like a total blast!