Friday, October 2, 2009

Transfer TODAY! - UPDATE

I have two embies with 8,9 divisions in me. I swear, they looked textbook! I was the last transfer of the day and so I was in and out pretty damn quick.
I had a bunch of cramping and a really big wave of nausea (I went ash white apparently). I soon felt fine (after a little juice). The nurse thinks the stuff the RE 'washes' the uterine out with was applied a little fast or strong. Geeze. We came home and I have eaten an entire pineapple and I'm waiting for my acupuncturist. DH has waited on me hand and foot. Barking me back to bed when I get up to pee!!!

Feeling great and your kind messages made me relax and feel happy. oh and PUPO
And I get to eat a little bit of chocolate tonight. Whoo hooo.
Cl just phoned. We are going to transfer today at 245pm.

I asked if this 3 day transfer was a good or bad thing compared to a 5 day blast. Cl said it wasn't a good or bad thing and it was just that the embryologist thinks its time for the embies to be in their natural environment. Of course I went straight online and have found a few papers that say 'eh, makes no difference' and a few professionals that indicate it is a business decision not a medical one.


Anyone had a 3 day DE transfer and it worked? Would love to hear from you.

It's here. The day. This afternoon I shall be PUPO.

And yes, I have the pineapple ready :-)


  1. no success stories for you but praying for a very successful transfer!! how many blasts are you transfering? sending you sticky thoughts and wamest hopes :)

  2. Not DE, but mine were transferred at 3d. And even with my old eggs (41yo) I am now 11w2d. Good luck to you!!!!

  3. I had a 3-day transfer on July 5th this year, and now I am 15w1d pregnant. It works! My clinic only does 3-day transfers, claiming that too many viable embies fail in the petri dish when they could have thrived in a womb. no one told me anything about pineapple, so I didn't have any... but it still worked.

    Congratulations on becoming PUPO!

  4. the BEST place for a growing embie is in YOUR uterus!

    tons and tons of luck with your transfer! I can picture it perfectly (having been there and done that a few times.)


  5. Best wishes to you for a successful transfer! i had a friend with a 3 day DE transfer who is pregnant with twins now!

  6. Oh good luck! We in the blogosphere are rooting for you!

  7. YAY! Fabulous! And Awesome! The word that I hear, is a 3-day is usually a good thing. I think it is.

  8. Congrats on being pupo! I think you should trust the embryologist and use their expertise in this matter. I have heard of many people who were successful with 3 day transfers, although my experience has been with the 5 day ones.

    Hopefully you are being waited on hand and foot, live it up! Watch movies and read, feel decadent for a few days. Sending you and your little stars best wishes!

  9. I came back for a transfer update and I read all the comments. just so you know, a 3dt is typical - the norm. I don't know one (not ONE!) 5dt unless it was a FET. and those couple of women had about 28+ eggs to work with.

    "a 3dt is usually a good thing." geez... facts people, facts!

    I hope you are settling in nicely! rest up! :)

  10. My understanding is that Day 3 vs. Day 5 is NOT an indicator of quality but of quantity. For example, I had 30 donor embryos still developing at Day 3 - so there was an outstandingly high probability that even if most died off by Day 5, I would still have a handful on Day 5 - as blasts - to transfer and then, at least, you know these are the most sophisticated embryos. BUT, the ones that made it to Day 5 were still perfect on Day 3 - it's just that they didn't know which would make it until Day 5. Now, if you're starting out with 5 embryos on Day 3, you can probably figure out the strongest 2 and transfer those because, at that point, you have a lower number of embryos to start out with and they're ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS better off in the uterus than a petri dish. If they knew which embryos would work on Day 2, they'd transfer those on that day. And if you don't believe me, visit the Fertility Forums and view the Donor Eggs board - TONS of women do Day 3 transfers with the same overwhelming success as Day 5 - no kidding!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! And, ahem, I, my dear, am living proof of a successful 3-day transfer! I did a lot of research before my transfer and I agree with what other commenters said. Also, if the embies are from older eggs (like our own) a 5-day is preferred b/c you can wait to see which, if any, will stop growing. But with a young donor, it is presumed her eggs are good and the embies that look strong by day 3 will, with high probability, still be good by day 5, and the embies are better off in the uterus than in a plastic petri dish full of nutrient goo.

    Now rest your mind, and rest your body, and let DH wait on you, and kitties cuddle you, and you enjoy every single second of being pregnant because as of this very moment, you ARE pregnant with twins!

    So....when's the beta?

  12. Yay! Congratulations dear EB, this is a great day. Rest, enjoy. Here's hoping for sticky little embryos and June birthdays! Love,

  13. Sorry I'm a day late. Enjoy your rest and I'm so happy to read about all of these other 3 day success stories. Yours will be one more to add to the list! Best wishes and enjoy your hubby pampering you. How sweet!

  14. Thanks for the update. Enjoy your rest and congratulations! You're knocked up my friend!