Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Thanks for all your input and emails yesterday. My mojo is slowly seeping away. I am PUPO, I haven't tested and I shall not test (thanks for the kick up the posterior, guys). However, I am starting to think that this cycle has been a bust.

In the spirit of the 2ww madness i shall to a list

why I think I am pregnant
1. a little cramping
2. feel 'weird'
3. really want to be

why I think I am not pregnant
1. my back doesn't hurt (every time I get preggers - my back goes out)
2. no spotting (every time I got a BFP I had spotting)
3. really want to be

So there you have it. I'm undecided and honestly, leaning towards a no. Maybe that's my way of coping but I don't think so. DH is undecided about using the frosties due to cost. Yeah, right. I will pay for the frostie transfer! That doesn't help, though, knowing we have to have that discussion.

Anyone think they were going to get a BFN and get a BFP?

Its amazing how much stress you under go as a couple when doing all this. I have been dreaming about the vacations I am going to take.
1. visit my folks and stay in a 5 star spa in the middle of the countryside.
2 skiing - oh yeah, skiing
3. hot, sand villa, sea ... you get it.
4. hot dangerous adventurous, camera
5. leaves, peeping, sort of thing


  1. Hey there EB-
    I know how hard it can be to stay positive during the worst part of the cycle. I actually went back and read my blog recently and was surprised at how down I was during the wait for this successful cycle, me miss pollyana LOL. so remember, something a wise woman told me, you don't have to feel positive, to get a positive HPT!! AND, maybe the fact that it is not like every other time you got pg, is a good thing :)

  2. Oh hon, I think most of us (esp after the shiny wears off and we're on our 2nd or 3rd round) think we're NOT pg, and then, who knows? I think it is a great idea to plan all the great things you'll do "just in case". That seemed to help me, but NOTHING is good for getting through the 2ww. Argh!

    Just know that even with the same person, every pg is different. But right now, so far as anyone knows, you are PUPO. If you are able, let yourself feel as much joy as you can. Thinking of you.

  3. Hmmm...seems I remember you commenting on my blog about this same day along post transfer..."don't you think it's a bit early K?"
    Well...don't you think it's a bit early EB?? :)

  4. You most likely will not spot because you didn't have a corpeus luteum since this was a donor cycle. I actually thought if I spotted it would mean that I was not pregnant since that is what happened on the IVFs with my own eggs. However with no corpeus luteum, the body reacts differently. It is much too early to be having negative thoughts. You are pregnant until the fat lady sings (do you have that phrase in the UK?) Hang in there sweetie!

  5. I was CONVINCED my last cycle was a bust. I mean, come on! why would it work after 3 other tries. but it did work. so after completely dismissing the cycle (and all those ridiculously long walks) I started planning for IVF #5.

    but it did work. and it will work for you as well. sending lots and lots of hearty implantation vibes your way!

  6. Try not to think about it so much (ha,ha). I too think that it's a good thing that things are different this time. I've read other blogs where donor eggs were used and it wasn't until the 8th day that they tested positive. The one thing they did seem to have was tender breasts. But then everyone is different. People that spot seem to do so sometimes because of implantation. But again, that seems to be around day 10. So PUPO! Try to just enjoy life and relax. Make a plan to keep each day occupied until your blood test. A week will go by before you know it! My fingers and toes are crossed for you!


  7. sweet EB,
    not knowing and wanting to know, waiting to know, sucks rocks. So, do not worry about symptoms or lack thereof, some get them early, some don't. I didn't. no boob action at all, not really sore, nothing different than the usual progesterone stuff. so, 5 more days?
    cannot say I have any ideas on how to make that time go by, but it will. it will, and soon you will know.
    Thinking of you and feeling VERY HOPEFUL because that is something I do best.


  8. Hm, seems you have a tie (according to your lists). Since I am ever the optimist, I have to dispel your theory. First, as for the back pain you "always" get when you're pregnant, keep in mind that those pg's weren't keepers. And I always experienced the "presence" of the baby in my past pregnancies. Not this time. Never felt it. Never sensed it. But here it is! Two: no spotting. Well, you read what Soapchick said. And I didn't spot either. Soooo, my friend, breathe, have hope, and don't judge this pregnancy by the past. Whole new story this time! Personally, I'm thinking you're knocked up. So there!