Sunday, October 4, 2009

day 3

not that i am counting!

I took my e-pill and prenates together this morning. Not such a good idea. Yuk. Feel icky. Stops me from eating everything in sight - I nibble all day long, a bit of pineapple, a bit of cheese, cold pasta.

I've been watching HOUSE - we both struggle with an addiction. His to some pills and me to POAS. I am not going to cheat and boy am I glad I promised not to, but its there, in my mind, a constant urge. If I hadn't promised I would have POAS already!!

OK, wise women of the web, what is the deal with Pineapple? How much am I supposed to eat? I read that you ought to eat the same amount each day for 5 days. But how much???? I'm thinking moderation. Quarter a day.

Have a lovely sunny Sunday


  1. I heard it was take one pinapple, cut into five equal slice rings and eat the entire ring, core and all. Something about a chemical in the core. I like it because I like pineapple so much. Unfortunately, 5 pina colada's (one for each day) isn't allowed as it's not the same thing. :-)

  2. I think it's just the core of the pineapple, because of some natural chemical found just in the core... bromine?, or something like that. But blech, the core is nasty. lol.

  3. I know nothing of pineapple, but I can say this: breathe deeply, these days will pass quickly and I am so hopeful that soon you will have GREAT news we can all celebrate.


  4. I think pineapple is an old wives tale. Having said that, I did eat it during my last couple 2wws. But I got the lovely cut up pieces from Costco, with no core in sight. I have *heard* the core is the thing with the magic ingredient (whatever that is). But. I did get pg one of the times, and not the other. Also, I got pg my first time with no pineapple whatsoever. And of course, when I got pg for real (8 years ago) I had no pineapple or IVF!

    Good luck, thinking of you...I wonder if you can put the core in a blender and make a smoothie out of it?