Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What day is it Mr Wolf?

Do you start counting the transfer date as 0 or 1? Anyhoo we are now one day closer to the test day. I keep thinking I should be feeling stuff or seeing stuff by now. But nada. I fall asleep in the afternoon but that is probably due to my chronic levels of exhaustion from work.

What did you see - when you got a BFP? I heard that your boobs get all vein-y and dark at the fun end. Anything else? All I have are PIO issues.

OK clearly the madness seems to have set in!!

6 days till we know. Maybe I can renegotiate with DH and POAS this weekend. It will give me time to adjust. Ha, look at me. Pathetic.

OK, lets try this again: I am PUPO and I have the day off so I can enjoy myself. I shall go to the movies to see the latest chic flick and rub my belly throughout. Then I shall come home and rest (that's what pregnant people do in my universe) and then I get to go to choir. Sweet.


  1. Transfer day is Day 0.

    I can tell you (having been pg 6 times... sigh), I *thought* I knew the signs, but let me tell you.. progesterone in an IVF cycle mocks every single one. Just relax and wait for beta (it's not too far off!)

  2. no veiny bbs for me. I had weird cramping (while at the movies) at 5dp3dt and certain foods tasted rotten at 6dp3dt.

    I hope your 2 beauties are settling in nicely. comfy cozy.

    I say go for a nice walk. it's a lovely day in nyc today. I walked and walked and walked all during my 2ww.

  3. Mild cramps, like a little twinge here and there, but it wasn't every day. And yeah, the PIO fucks with your head. And body.

  4. What a great day you have planned! I wish I could join you! DON'T POAS. DON'T. KEEP YOUR PROMISE! You are doing GREAT!!!

  5. I agree with Mad Hatter -- keep the faith and hold off until beta -- you are doing great, so just need to do something (anything) to keep busy. Go walk. Go to the movies.

  6. The thing you can't get away from is that all those drugs mimic the symptoms of pg. So you can drive yourself crazy wondering whether the bb tenderness is the new pregnancy or the progesterone. The only real clue I had is what K mentioned - the weird, occasional lower abdominal twinges. But they're easily chalked up to standing up too fast, eating something disagreeable, gas and other things that you still can't be sure. Soooo, my dear, I think you should just keep enjoying your time off, being PUPO and waiting till you find out for sure. Sorry.

  7. P.S. I wanted to respond to your pineapple post, but I read it on my Blackberry and for some reason I can't comment on your blog from there! Okay, so I asked my acupuncturist about it like a week ago and this is what she said: Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain that helps with implantation, so it's good to have a little in the first few days. BUT once you think the embryo has implanted, she says you should avoid it (so probably about now for you, EB, yes?) because the same enzyme can also cause the embryo to become dislodged. I hope that helps (but don't worry if you ate some pineapple before reading this, okay? it's just probably time to stop around now...;-)

  8. I had cramping and a pain in my side when I stood up. I had veining up near my collar bone? (so weird I know) but that was it. Good luck!