Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 7

Stardate 29082347. We have been stuck on this planet for 7 days now. Spock has tried in vain to connect to any human life forms in the remote galaxies. Whilst the air is certainly the same composite as earth oxygen there is something not ... quite... right.... about it. We are all moving in slow motion. Earth time has been slowed down - therefore one second takes at least one hour to pass.

We are all suffering from obsessive thoughts and wild emotional swings. One moment there is sadness, the next great celebrations. I have found myself aware of every twinge and ache. Headaches come and go, never quite staying long enough to deal with but there all the same.

Zoolo has lost it completely. Has has started knitting. With pink wool. Checkov and Sulu have set up a small nursery in the cave we call home and take turns bathing one another.

And poor Bones. Whilst he seems unaffected by the madness and bravely tries to inject the life saving serum into our buts every day we cry and fight back. He is constantly under attack from one of us, demanding information and answers. All the anger of the group is focused on Bones, he seems to represent the cause of all our misery. He is afraid to sleep or eat for fear of retribution.

When. will. this. nightmare. end.


  1. Very creative and funny post.

    You can do this!!! Hang in there. I know this is the worst time. You are in my thoughts.


  2. You are SOOO close to the end of the 2WW. You can do it. (btw -- loved the Star Trek post!)

  3. This was such a great and funny post! I'm still grinning like the idiot Trekkie fan that I am! I guess all you can do is orbit the planet while Engineering works on the ship's drive systems so that you can depart at full warp speed for planet BETA!! Until then, you have the Bridge, Number One.