Friday, October 30, 2009


Seems like lots of us are in a funk these days. Wonder if we should all agree to smile at a certain time everyday. Like at 4pm (CST) we all agree to think of a really big smile. I found that if I think of a smile - I smile. Or I think of a really deep belly laugh I chuckle (especially if I think of my nephew being ticked by his dad and him laughing/shouting "no daddy, no daddy). It won't change our situation but it might change our disposition. We could call it 'FU-IF' time.

Cycle news: My weight has started going up. I am now 5 pounds heavier (after one week on L.upron). I have eaten a whopping 1800 calories a day and worked out for 6 hours so far. Ah well. I know its water weight. My face is swollen and my stomach is swollen (my tights leave funny lines on my belly)
Even tho I hate seeing my weight go up I shall weigh in at WW tomorrow and for my trip to the UK next week I have ordered my mother NOT buy cakes, chocolate etc. I know I shall indulge but I think the evil Lu.pron side fx will help me stay focused. We are staying at a hotel with a gym and pool so I shall work out each night. I am really looking forward to being away - away from the fridge that has the left over drugs in it, away from the calender of failure and frustration, away from the streets that lead to one specialist or another.

Have a great weekend all.


  1. Ugh. I'm super sorry about the 5 lbs. It is so disheartening (My scale appears to be stuck, making my daily trips to the gym and diet seem like a waste of time).

    That aside, I like the idea a LOT of just willing happiness to be there -- it's a great idea and one I will try to use at least once a day.

    Thanks for continuing to be inspirational, and have a fab trip to the UK!

  2. I was on Lupron Depot for 4 months when I had to shrink a ginormous fibroid. You will loose the weight. Once you stop the medication, your weight will go back to normal. Don't let it distract your goal of fitness or pregnancy. Focus on your food not the scale.
    Love the idea of the smile :)!


  3. Try to wag. I know you're on the roller coaster. I know it's not a fun ride. I hope you get a ticket for the fun ride soon.

    Enjoy your time back home, playing with your nephew and eating fish and chips (my favorite!). And don't worry about the 5 pounds, like you said, it's just water weight from the L/upron.

    Hang in there, friend.