Friday, October 23, 2009

Ahhh Friday

Lovely lovely Friday. I just love it. It's like Christmas Eve every week. I even get to work from home today - hahahahahaha. Love it.

I went to WW to weigh in today since I am going to see Dr J. tomorrow morning. Down over 2 pounds. Yipee.

I am feeling much better today. Today, I can get through my work quickly and then I am going to the gym. I have two hours of trainer today (JOY!!) which means three hours of moving my body and flooding my system with healthy ions and all that. I love doing these marathon sessions at the gym. Physical movement is my natural anti-depression.

I already feel different. It might work. This cycle might work. And if it doesn't we have some great options. So happy to be in this frame of mind!! This time next year, we may well be planning our first Thanksgiving with our new family.

Here is a funny thing. For the past year, going into a cycle, I have 'grounded' myself. I delegated all travel since the hospital took center stage. This time, not so much. I have a ton of travel (to Europe and San Fran - how about that cup of tea guys) and I will speak with Dr J about what is needed for the cycle. If I need blood work I shall go to a local clinic and get them to phone or fax the results. The transfer could be a few days before Christmas Day. Oddly enough, December 22nd is one of my favourite dates in the calender. Its the date, when I was a kid, that we would put on a pantomime in the local church to raise money for a kids hospice. We got to eat Kent/ucky Fried Chicken that day. A very special day.


  1. Hooray for 2lbs! Exercise can really lift your spirits. I had the most difficult time keeping weight off when I was on Lupron and progesterone really gave me the blues.
    Getting your BW at a local clinic will really reduce stress. I used to have to fly through traffic just to make my appts. It really used to stress me out. This doctor just might work out well for you because it sounds like they're already accommodating many of your concerns.
    I'm becoming verklempt just thinking about the kids hospice and the fried chicken. What a nice memory to recall.


  2. You sound GREAT! I'm so glad you are feeling better and have a good plan in place for exercise and doing things for yourself and for relieving the stress of this upcoming cycle. Yay!

  3. Great! You sound so full of hope and resolve:)
    sending big resounding cheers your way!

  4. I'm loving your optimism! Congrats on the 2 lbs and I am WAY impressed - two hours with your trainer. That's hard core! You go, girl. I'm glad you are not letting all this interfere with your travel plans. I need to learn how to just go ahead and live my life rather than not doing anything because we MAY be cycling then etc.

  5. Welcome back, Ms. Happy! How much weight have you lost to date? It's just amazing. When will you be in San Francisco? I would LOVE to come meet you for a cup of tea. You just hang onto that optimism, and all will be right with the world!

  6. Cudos to you on your continued weight loss! Keep up the good work. When the body and mind are in good shape it helps with everything. I never bounced back so quickly from my IVF failures. Shows what a strong person you are. Keep on Truckin' (as they used to say in the 70's)!