Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh c'mon!

Cornel/l phoned today to tell me the pregnancy test will be on Tuesday since that will be day 28 and not Monday. Has my cycle suddenly shifted through some timewarp? huh!

My numbers are today e2 - 320+ and progesterone 22 i think.

What were your numbers at 8 days post transfer.

Thank you all so much for all your help. Soapchick and BWUB both edukamated me on why I might not have any implantation bleeding (how did I not think that one through!) and everyone gave such wondrous words of wisdom all my stress slowly lifted with every word. Thank you my dear friends. Thank you.

When I told DH that the test was pushed to Tuesday he agreed to maybe testing at home on Saturday am. The reasoning is that he wants to be with me when I do it (we both work long hours Tuesday) and if its not good news, he wants us to be able to hang out together. What a sweetheart.

My hope has raised a little since for the past couple of days I have been having quite bad cramping. On and off, not continuous but sometimes it's quite painful. Mostly to one side and sometimes radiating. It feels like my period is coming and then it goes away. Of course, I googled and hey presto - it is both a sign of pregnancy and a sign of not being pregnant. Most helpful.


  1. Happy to edumakate any time! And yay for ONE SIDED intermittant cramping! I think that's the key. Cramping low and spot in the middle is more AF-type pain. But side cramps...good sign! And fooey that C'nell wants to move the test to Tuesday...but YAY that DH might agree to testing Saturday. As in 2 days! I am so excited for you!

  2. Well, I've never said "hooray for cramping" before, but if this is the good kind, then I'm all for it. But isn't it a drag that almost every symptom of early pregnancy is also a symptom of AF? Seriously... couldn't they have come up with something easier? Maybe with neon lights and a marching band just to give us unambiguous evidence?

  3. Cornell is a pain, but your husband is the BEST!!! Is he available on loan? Just kidding...I have a nice one too. You are almost done with the race (first phase that is) can do it, just keep your eyes on the prize and feel the love in the meantime. Do you have to go back to work on Monday?

  4. I didn't ask what my numbers were for that inbetween blood draw. I think you have a good plan. Hang in there!

  5. Just for the record, I did not have any implantation bleeding but did have cramps 5 days post transfer and then they went away. No bleeding. I also had cramping for about 2 days off and on prior to my beta. I can't remember what my progesterone level was in between. WTF with Cornell? I think you have a good plan for this weekend and I'm crossing all fingers and toes for you!