Monday, October 5, 2009

Frostie news

We have 2 snow babies!!!. I am so relieved! At least for $20K we get 2 go rounds. So the yield in total was 4 embies. That's totally crap for the age of donor and cost. That is the same yield as my first IVF but with way healthier eggs. I have decided to speak with my RE about the yield. I know, we only need one little one to snuggle in but I expected at few more chances. Is that unreasonable?

I am still off work and LOVIN' IT. I saw my therapist this am and she basically sent me to back to bed. She said 'indulge in rest, happy thoughts and let your body do it's thing'. She sent me the funniest email.

Don't get up, don't feel down.
Don't eat too much, don't eat too little.
Don't laugh too hard, don't cry at all.
Don't talk on the phone, don't isolate.
And above all...
don't take advice from anyone except your doctor!

Happy Monday one and all


  1. Congrats on the frosties! Don't stress too much about the number, I think you're right in assuming it's about quality. Enjoy your time off and yes, REST!!

  2. Having 2 inside you and 2 frozen out of 5 embryos is AWESOME!!!! I had 9 and ended up with 1 frostie. You have some good eggs and for doing a shared cycle, having 2 frosties is SUPER!!! Think positive and keep resting! You are going to be a mama!!

  3. 2 frosties is amazing! we're talking grade A quality! I anticipate a family of 6 now!
    enjoy this restful time. order in!

  4. oh yay for frosties :) and what an awesome poem, she sounds like a great therapist.
    oh I don't think it is unreasonable to have a conversation with the RE about the total number of eggs/embryos....doesn't hurt to talk about it and it could result in something.
    thinking POSITIVE thoughts about you :)

  5. Congratulations!

    I am very hopeful for you
    and love the support from your therapist to treat yourself gently.


  6. Two little frosties, tucked away, snoozing and waiting for the future. What a sweet thought. I hope you won't need them, but I'm happy you have the luxury of the "back up." Hooray for you, still off work, able to relax, think positive thoughts... and the quote was sweet! What a beautiful 2ww!