Friday, January 1, 2010


Cool date. Looks really sci-fi.

Happy New Year everyone.

I feel like crap today, I am happy to report. We stayed up till 12.02am but I was a dizzy, drooling mess by that time and staggered off to bed as soon as was possible. Today the dizziness is still here but not as much. My hips, pelvis and joints hurt like a mofo and I am trying not to puke. All good signs I think.
DH wants us to have 'What to expect when your expecting' dug out of the purgatory box (all things pregnant go in there when the m/c comes around) so we use it as a reference!! That is a huge deal for him. He wants to know what's going on inside. He also ordered me to sit and do nothing this morning as he cleaned up the apartment and threw out our xmas tree. I like this :-)

I have been thinking about going back to work next week and I DON'T WANT TO!! How am I going to manage the fatigue? I have the kind of job that is either supersonic busy or nothing. Nothing I can handle! Also, I don't feel like the bad ass exec chic I am supposed to be. I am all soft and fluffy. Maybe when I put my suit on I might get back into the role.

I hope you all had a fun new years eve. Anyone actually do anything?!


  1. So glad to hear you feel like crap! Well, okay, just glad you're having symptoms. Even better is that your DH wants you to sit while he does the work! Welcome to the joy that is my world! I have been sitting with my feet up while my DH vacuums and cleans house for months now. It's awesome! Oh, and you ought to get your DH the book that a pregnant co-worker of my DH's recommended: "The New. Fa-ther: A Dad's Gui/de to the First Year" by Ar/min A. Bro/.tt. My DH bought it and has been avidly reading it. It not only describes what is going on with the developing fetus, it also encourages the spouse to take care of the wife! Bring her water and do the house keeping, etc! It's the best thing!

    Oh, and no, we didn't do anything for New Year's Eve, except try to calm our dogs in the face of booming fireworks and partying neighbors.

  2. Feeling shitty while pregnant, unfortunately, tends to be par for the course of healthy pregnancies.

  3. Woooo hoooo for feeling like a pregnant woman! So glad your DH is taking such great care of you and don't worry, you may feel round and fluffy but wait until someone gets you mad while you have raging hormones!