Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hi Guys,
still here.
still far from ok.

I am struggling with depression which is a side effect of meds apparently

I am proudly way down on the pain meds - one today so far so hopefully the depression will lift soon.

I am reading you all and sending you all hugs and mucho positive mojo.


  1. Jeeze EB -- I wish I were closer. I wish you had family nearby, anyone to help, this sounds really, really crappy.

    Good for you on stepping down the pain meds, I know that is no picnic and for sure sucks big time if you're still in pain fer chrissake.

    I hope you can just hole up and get through this as best you can, you and the dots, and the cats, and DH, and come out the other side soon, soon, soon. Know that I'm daily sending love and positive healing back energy your way,

  2. Thinking of you! I know how tough it is to step down on the meds. Sending hugs your way!

  3. Oh poor you!! How awful for you to have to experience so much stress and pain and NOW depression! WTF??? Can acupuncture help with this at all? I wish there DH is bringing you lots of magazines and novels and DVDs to keep your mind occupied. Hope things look better very very soon! ((Hugs))

  4. I hope the depression passes soon. Pain and depression are not a good combo and I will be forced to worry about you endlessly. I appreciate that you post a little something so we know you're still hanging in there. Any news from the docs about what the plan is going to be? Or is it a "wait and see" kind of thing for now? Sending love and hugs.

  5. Hang in there sweetie. Always remember that you are a strong and intelligent and resourceful person. You'll get through it, despite the pain and dark days. We all believe in you.

  6. Hopefully your pain and depression will take a backseat to the wonderful things that are to come. Many hugs your way :)!


  7. Hope you are feeling better hon! I am having a terrible time getting the comment feature to work on your blog, but know that I'm thinking of you!