Friday, January 29, 2010


I spoke with a health care practitioner today and she advised against cvs, which threw me a little. She said she knew of too many women that had had a miscarriage. Wait for the amnio, she said.
What do you guys think??

DH and I were just thinking about where to go for our 'babymoon'. We live in NYC and want to go somewhere by train. He wants to go to Washington DC (sounds a bit too walky for me). Ideas needed please!!


  1. I feel stupid, but what is CVS? I googled it but it just has the pharmacy which I don't think is what you are talking about. Have you been discussing this for weeks and I'm spacing out?!

    I so excited for you to have a trip! FUN! I guess we use D as an excuse to NEVER GO ANYWHERE. Really, we never do, except to visit reletives (NOT the same). Are you into nature-y stuff? Or do you want to do activites, or just be waited on? Sounds delightful - I will live vicariously through you!

  2. Boston! But it is terribly cold here. I guess it is also kind of a "walky" city. I suggest going someplace in the south. Charleston, S.C. ? Savannah, GA?

    On another note, we weighed the option of CVS ouselves, and elected to wait. Primarily because of the potential problems with miscarriages. If I remember correctly, CVS couldn't detect all the things that an amnio could and we wanted to wait for more info.

    That being said, the "problem" with waiting for the amnio, is that really see them moving on the U/S. You can see all of their limbs and get a profile of their face. I had also started to actually feel them (or feel at least something). By that time, for us, it was too hard to consider a reduction.

    In all honesty, I would consider a CVS if you think that there is a good possibility that your healthcare providers are going to recommend a reduction. (Or if you feel that you are already leaning that direction.) I think having a reduction done earlier in the pregnacy would be emotionally easier than later. Although the CVS does present a greater miscarriage risk; I think that having a reduction later in the pg also carries with it a higher miscarriage rate....

    So, I guess I don't have much difinitive advice, huh?

  3. Hi, I had a cvs with baby #1 at 39 and again about 10 weeks ago at 42 for #2. Of course there is a risk of miscarriage with the test, but by and large, the odds are very small especially if you have it done by a doctor who does LOTS of these. You definitely want a doctor who is not new to the procedure. You can also ask what the particular doctors odds are with miscarriage. AND, you have to take into consideration that not all women who miscarriage after a cvs have the miscarriage because of the test...they may have miscarriaged anyways for one reason or another. I know for me at 42, the risk of downs was 1:31. I wanted the info sooner rather than later. CVS can test for everything an amnio can except for a problem with the neural tubes, that can be done by bloodtest later. Good luck!

  4. A babymoon! How wonderful! How about Montreal? Or Toronto?

    (the CVS thing is over my head, unfortunately - I hope you can find what you need to know to make a decision)


  5. why do you need a CVS? WHat about a non-invasive test like the Nuchal Triple Screen?
    I hope you're feeling good these days. I have an idea for a babymoom - I've heard it's a gorgeous Scottish-type mansion in MASS and you are pampered all weekend. No walking! xoxo

  6. I agree that it depends on the dr who does it. I had a cvs done and had no worries about because the dr had done so many and was very experienced. I'd rather know about something wrong asap rather than wait for an amnio.

  7. We opted out of the CVS testing. Your risk of miscarriage increases by 5-10% with an amnio and even more with the CVS. Since they have to puncture both sacs, there is risk to each baby. Regardless of the results, DH and I would not have terminated the pregnancy so we didn't see the point. Carrying twins is already risky enough without adding to it.
    We did do the nuchal screening, which is completely non-invasive. Even though it is just a screening, it still provided some peace of mind by giving us our odds of an abnormality occuring.

  8. OOOPs I just lost a comment I posted. I think you used donor eggs didnt' you? Isn't the risk of downs extremely low with donor eggs - as the donor is young. I agree with the PP that if you are thinking about reduction it might make sense to do the test, although I still don't really know what it is.
    As for the babymoon - I didn't know it was such a popular rite of passage - I will have to remember that for us in the future. If you are going on a train and you are feeling uncomfortable I would not advise a long train ride. We take the train to KC and it's about 8 hours and it can take it out of you - the tracks are so bumpy. What about a spa or somewhere that you don't have to tramp the streets? Looking forward to hearing more about this:)

  9. PS Noodle girl has just posted about this on her blog - check it out.

  10. Wow, lots of good comments. My thought is get the nuchal screen first - it will give you an idea of the odds. And because you used donor eggs, odds are low for Downs (and trisomy 18). We discovered that the odds of miscarriage from CVS were GREATER than the odds given to us as a result of the NT scan, so we didn't bother.

    Oh, I also agree with the commenters who suggested getting the doc's own stats of miscarriage from CVS - experience matters!

    Finally, babymoon spot? I'd go with warm and relaxing doesn't take THAT long to fly to the Florida keys!