Saturday, January 30, 2010

looks like its twins..

The war of spine docs vs baby docs is coming to a close. Looks like we are going ahead with twins. How do I feel? One moment elated the next absolutely terrified and planning how to run away.

We saw one of them wiggling around today (9w3d) s/he was dancing for all their might. We just laughed in astonishment. The other was kind of wiggling back and forth. No decision is being made on the CVS until I see my OB on the 11th. Dr J said my OB liked to paint the worst picture. YIKES. I think I shall set my expectations at the beginning and see if she can understand.

As the war comes to a close I feel a little less anxious and depressed. I can discern work anxiety from baby anxiety, which is good. Work anxiety is pretty high but I just have to try to control it. What ever happens this week at our big finance meeting, I must remember that I am highly employable. If this is not the right place for me for whatever reason - I shall move on. Moving on is always a good thing if done with care and attention. Staying put isn't too much of a big deal either. (this is me positive talking to myself).

DH has accepted full responsibility for operation 'where the frig are we putting two babies in this apartment'. Should be interesting. Our RE office is next to a UES baby shop. We spent a few minutes gazing in the window, smiling.

Well it's 2.30 pm, my morning sickness should be kicking in pretty soon so I shall go lie down.


  1. Worried about space...check out Ikea! It has been very helpful for us!

  2. Wow - you sound so much better! The 2:30 afternoon sickness is awful, isn't it? I thought I was in the clear, but I'm still suffering at 13 weeks. I'm so glad you saw the little ones on the U/S. So exciting! xxoo

  3. Hey, glad the wars are getting worked out. Less stress for you (the battleground!)

    Found this blog and don't know if you've seen it - this is a list of twin things when she first had her babies. Fun.

  4. So very glad you are feeling better about the battle finally-- it sucked and I hated it for you-- and yes please, advocate for what you need at the OB.
    So very glad you had such a wonderful wiggly ultrasound!
    Progesterone=exhaustion, so no doubt you'll be wiped out. And you are growing two little ones! big work that!

    Take good care and hope things are smooth as can be from here on out.

  5. Thank goodness the war is coming to a close. Take your OB's "doom and gloom" perspective with two grains of salt.

    It must have been so wonderful to see your two little dancers on u/s, putting on show for Mum and Dad! If you remember, I cried at every one of my u/s until I was about 6 months!

    I was noodling around Amazon today and found a product called Preggie Pops. Apparently the lollies (and they also sell hard candies) are supposed to help with nausea. Some of the reviewers thought they were the greatest thing. Just in case your morning sickness kicks into high gear.

  6. Good news that you are coming to a truce between back and baby docs.
    That is exciting and scary. I hope your hubby figures out how to fit the twins in your apartment. It sounds like you are highly employable so please don't let those people at work scare you too much - though of course the last thing a pregnant lady wants is to go job hunting.
    PS What's a UES baby store?

  7. The wiggly ones! It's just amazing. It's lovely to hear you sounding more at peace with your situation. Hugs to you.

  8. I'm so glad to hear you are finding some resolution. I know it's been hard. Just take one day a time and deal with things as they come. If you try to "plan" too much, it quickly becomes overwhelming. Just enjoy each day.

  9. I remember my first best wriggly ultrasound. It was fabulous and I really hope that you won't have any back troubles. Good luck on the twinsies.