Wednesday, January 6, 2010

out of the saddle

I fell off the work wagon today.

Got up feeling really tired and stressed and in enormous pain (back)
Remembered I had to give myself three shots.
During shot #1 thought i was going to faint. saw stars, bright lights, heart racing. lie down. feel ok.
During shot #2 thought i was going to faint. saw stars, bright lights, heart racing. severe but short lived headache. lie down. feel ... okish

Phoned in sick & went back to bed.

hcg levels: 26,000
progesterone: 111 (explains back pain - progesterone softens disks)

These numbers are very high for a singleton so tomorrow Dr J will check for another polka dot and then we have to do ectopic checks.

Oh good, some drama to focus on!!


  1. Great news on a possible second polka dot! Isn't the heart racing, headache and dizziness wonderful! Your pregnant!


  2. My mouth just fell open!!!! Possibly twins?!!! I'm soooo living vicariously through your blog. Every morning it's the first thing I do when I get to work. It seriously keeps me positive and happy. Keep up the good work!!!! :)

  3. OMG - how thrilling! But your health has to stay at the forefront here - DO NOT overdo!!! Glad you took the day off. Time for a little pampering from the dh. Best of luck hon, can't wait for the u/s!

  4. I'm guessing you have at least 2 polka dots!!! Rest up you're going to need your energy!

  5. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yikes! That's a big number. I was exhausted with one. Really, just exhausted, close the door, lay down on the floor of my office exhausted; go home and sleep for 2 hours before dinner exhausted; you obviously get the picture. I can't imagine how it woudl be with (maybe) two! Take care. With love,

  7. Sorry that you are feeling poorly! Hoping tomorrow finds things perfect, whichever way they end up! Yay for good numbers.

  8. Fabooo news on the great beta number. Sorry that you aren't feeling so well, hope your back gets better soon.

  9. Wonderful news. The sickness is no fun, but it's a wonderful reassurance of what is growing inside of you. much love to you! xoxo

  10. That is a beautiful beta and maybe you do have more than one little marble in there! :)

  11. Wow, okay, take it easy. You ARE pregnant, you know (as if I need to remind you). I'm glad you called in sick to work. Take care of your back...pregnancy will be hard enough on it.

    Incredible numbers! I can hardly wait for tomorrow's u/s to find out just how many of those embies took! And if heart beat(s) are visible!

  12. Just as an FYI my 3rd beta was over 17,000 and now we are having twins. I'm praying with everything I have that you will have 2 heartbeats in there!! Can't wait for your update!!