Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back in the saddle

(hello new follower, and thank you!!)

I am back at work.It is really, really, really hard when you have this level of exhaustion not to bitch at people! Thankfully, nearly everyone is either out or at an off site so guess who has a surprise meeting on her sofa about 3 o'clock (he he he he).

I went in to get my bloods down this am. The nurse that does them is totally freakin' dopey. I mean, she is like a teenager that resents the whole damn thing. I want to kick her up the arse. Tomorrow I shall find out the number. I have no idea what it should be. Let me work it out. According to my calculator is should be 128,000. Er ... does that seem right to you? Ok Whatever.

K, was funny yesterday. Told me to step away from the drama and damn, if the chick ain't right. What has got into me! I promise to try and keep a level head on my shoulders. I am in an anxiety producing time - the bit before we find out if anything is growing. But I feel like hell on wheels and so tired I could mainline coffee so I have to trust in the signs.

I have discovered some things about me as a pregnant women.

I love orange juice. It's like nectar of the gods. Never used to like it.
I hate complex tastes - anything that has more than two ingredients makes me wanna hurl
Dreams oh dreams - violent and wild or triple xxx rated and surprising.
Cold feet. I cannot get my feel to warm up no matter what I do.
I have put on 7 pounds. No panic (ha!) It will come off coz I will be exercising again soon and not taking 15 pills, injections and infusions.
My back is killing me. I am in so much freakin' pain. Guessing this is from all the hormone and body expansion. Get me to a swimming pool.
I have no mojo for anything other than reading in bed. Oh my bed. My lovely warm, cozy and cat filled bed.


  1. Excellent signs! I think the OJ is very telling - when I was pg I could smell things (like fruit) sooo much more than ever before (or since!). And having too many things together was just overwhelming. So I'm predicting great numbers.

    Once you have a bit of assurance I'm betting your energy will rise. Try not to kill any coworkers until then. Good luck!

  2. Happy to hear you are leveling out a bit. Maybe being back at work will give you something to get your mind off the other things. Or not. :)

  3. There is absolutely nothing better than a cat (and dog) filled bed. When I climb in and my little "kids" are waiting for me so we can snuggle together, it's like heaven!

  4. Hello:

    Glad that you eventually having a baby.
    Yes, being pregnant is difficult,
    that's why mother is the greatest parent in the world.

    listen to your favorite music may ease some pain in you.

    Pain Pain, go away,
    some visit another day,
    happy 2010 everyday.

    just in case.

  5. I love reading the new discoveries about yourself as a pregnant woman. It's amazing, isn't it?! How the things you used to know to be true about yourself are suddenly turned on their side! Fun! I too happen to love orange juice while pregnant. I always liked it, but now I have to control myself as though they were chocolate milkshakes! And, yes, sometimes the XXX dreams are - well, more delicious than orange juice! Ha!