Sunday, January 31, 2010

First pregnancy clothes.

My suit looks somewhat hilarious. The shoulder and cut is way too big since I have lost weight but around my middle a shelf has formed (ass and belly in perfect orbness) so the middle looks tight.
So I went out and bought some 'expandable' pants. One size up from my normal but they fit around my waist, which is all I care about. What in the world am I going to wear to work when I am really preggers!

Feeling quite good. Less depressed for sure, still a little anxious but I am also calmer. Had a lovely time talking to the twins today whilst snuggled up with my cats. I'm even thinking of having a bath, my first one. For some reason I am scared of having a bath? I heard if the water is too hot you could miscarriage and since I have no idea how hot is too hot... I have avoided my lovely bath.
Any ideas?

We started planning.
I spoke with my close friends today and told them. I asked for help - something I NEVER DO - when the baby/babies are born (taking nothing for granted these days). Everyone was so cool - one is going to be the food monitor and bring meals, another has a car and will do all the running around for us, another has twin experience and will baby sit whilst I go have a bath or rest. I love my friends! They knew something was up since I have been MIA for 9 weeks.

DH and I have decided on a night nurse in the beginning. Then a nanny. I am looking for a nanny that follows the English method and have found a training center here in the states ( Not cheap but I am very keen to get someone qualified in child development (since we have no family to help us and one adult in the apartment needs to know what is going on).

I'm only 9 weeks and worrying about all this already. This may be a very long pregnancy!!!


  1. OOH I love the English nanny idea - I need to check out that website! Mary Poppins or Supernanny? Good on yer for asking your friends for help and for them stepping up. That's so exciting.
    I don't know about the bath but I think warm is probably okay. I know it's not so much fun as hot but I'm sure it's worth it.
    As for clothes, I think what you wear to work when you are really showing is called maternity business casual! ( I just made that up ) - but seriously - don't they make maternity clothes for working women? or is it all frills and belly buttons showing? I seriously hope not!
    That's really cool that you are feeling relaxed and making plans and getting snuggly with the kitties and the babies. Sounds like hubby is getting with the program too - yeah!

  2. I found you about a week ago and am delurking b/c I hated giving up my baths. I love baths. My doctor told me a general rule of thumb is this: if your skin turns red when you dip your hand/arm in the water, then it's too hot. So I took warm baths and they didn't really do it for me. Sigh.

  3. Yay for starting to show! I don't have a job where I have to dress up, but I know a lot of pg mommies shop at Motherhood. Kinda spendy but not too bad, esp if you get a few key things and then supplement at Target (which has a decent sized maternity dept). Also a lot of 2nd hand baby stores have maternity clothes that CAN be nice - you might find a good suit there if you're on a budget. Such a pain to spend big $$ for only a few months, but you MUST get some things!

    I was worried about baths too, pretty much took warm baths but not as warm as I wanted. I did put my feet only in the hot tub when we visited people with that luxury.

    LOVE that you asked friends for assistance. The night nurse and nanny sound like a fab idea, and it is NOT too early - you want time to think about this and shop around, and later you'll be too huge to navigate easily! So, you go girl.

  4. Oh how fun - the first maternity clothes! Yeah, they seem strange at first, but ohhhh, the stretchy waist is heaven!

    I'm so happy all your friends jumped in and offered to help you out. And the nanny idea is superb! Two babies and no family means you'll need all the help you can get!

    Can I tell you a secret? I've been so afraid to take a bath while pregnant that I have NEVER done it. Not even now. That goes to show my own level of paranoia!

  5. Oh, hurray for all your plans with your friends and a night nurse and nanny! You clearly know what support you'll need and my hat goes off to you for getting it organized. You'll probably feel so much calmer throughout your pregnancy knowing that you will have all that assistance. Good on you, sister!

  6. Love the idea of a night nurse and then an English nanny. I believe we'll need all the help we can get when they arrive. As for shopping, Motherhood is great for casual wear, but Mimi Maternity and have much more professional looks. (Sounds like you have a high-profile position from your older posts.) Good luck!

  7. Well you sound much better, and excited! So happy for you! As far as the bath goes, since I am the queen of them admittedly...go for warmish but not hot tub hot. Basically if I can get in without it feeling hot on my legs, but not be chilly once I'm sitting in it, then that's about right. Yay for the night nurse and the governess!! I've been doing a little research myself on those but I think we're finding some alternate solutions, at least temporarily. Did I mention how happy I am for you???