Sunday, January 10, 2010

i have finally weaned myself off the codeine. Although how I am supposed to get to the chiropractor tomorrow is beyond me. I can walk to the loo and back and then roll around in agony.

I want this over. I want to be pain free. I want to be a normal pregnant women. All I can think of is 'have i harmed the little ones?' I wouldn't be surprised to be honest.

Dh has disappeared. That is his reaction to stress. HE goes into his studio and stops communicating.

not happy. so i shall go away too. I am reading all your blogs, just too uncomfortable to comment.


  1. Dearest EB, I'm so sorry for the physical and mental pain you are in. I wish I could do something to help. Can you ask your hubby to get over himself and br there for you? That might sound a bit like begging though. Hopefully this won't continue much longer and sometime soon you' ll be back to something like normal. Can you call a cab to get to the chiro? Can he / she come to you?
    Sending love and Yorkie hugs:)

  2. Hugs to you, and DH needs to step up and deal with the situation....once your miracle arrives, he can't hide from issues, he might as well man up now. Sorry to be blunt, but he should.
    I am praying for better days for you soon both physically and mentally. more hugs....

  3. I'm so sorry for your pain. And, my significant other disappears in times of need too. The only thing I have to say in this situation is be good to yourself,if DH isn't up to being good to you.

    I hope your chiropracter can help and you are out of this hideous pain soon.

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Men are the weaker and more fragile sex. I am convinced. This is such a difficult time for you in so many ways. Maybe leave him a note that says if he cannot be your partner through this, he should fork over the cash so you can hire an attendant or nurse to take care of you. Don't worry about the babies, I'm sure they're just fine. But I would suggest getting all the doctors whose care you are under (RE, OB, Ortho, Chiro, etc) to develop a coordinate plan of care for you and the babies - so that everyone is involved and on the same page (just a little assvice from BWUB). I hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. Unfortunately, I am very familiar with the reduction decision and would be happy to let you know where my path led me just a few short months ago...If anything good is to come from my situation it would be as an understanding ear for others. I'm 32 weeks now and would be happy to email.
    None of this is easy and you will find your way to a good place. Best wishes.

  6. I think the little ones will be fine. Your not the first person who's experienced these types of problems while pregnant. And my SIL's daughter is fine after having taken all of the muscle relaxers for her neck.

    Sorry DH is not as supportive as you need him to be. Mine tends not to handle stress well either... come to think of it, neither did my father. They say men can only handle one thing at a time and that women are better multi-taskers. I agree.

    Take it easy and feel better soon.


  7. I am sorry this is sucking for you. In all honestly, my pregnancy has been very difficult. I have not enjoyed it and I am in pain, vomit, or some other unpleasantness most of the time. All of that aside, I am taking it one day at a time. Changing my expectations has helped. I realized that I can accept misery (if that's what it will be) for 9 months, given the end result. This has helped make some days not seem so bad. Cut yourself some slack and find one thing (no matter how little) that gives you joy each day. Before you know it, time will be flying by, your body will heal itself, and everything will be fine.

  8. Am so sorry about your DH.. men seem to deal with their stress differently..
    I have a totally hosed back.. 3 surgeries, double fusion( want to do a third) and titanium rods in my back...
    I was on oxy ir 5mg for my whole pregnancy and nursing... low dose and enough to take the pain off most days. The side effect to the baby I was told, COULD make him/her a little mellow. Dear lord, if what he is is mellow, I would not want to know what he would have been like "normally"

    To be honest, once I popped, my whole posture changed and on some days I was actually pain free.. There are options and choices for pain management. Pls make sure you find someone to help you enjoy your pregnancy : )

  9. Wishing for a pain free day EB. Hugs. Sorry about DH. Men can be pains in the asses sometimes.

  10. Just sending a gentle hug and hoping that you feel a little better every day.