Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Placental Abruption

I googled it - not too good. However, it was a tiny abruption and we shall see on Saturday if it has increased. Not sure what it means to the other fetus. Don't think it is an increase in risk but hell, what do I know.

I am eating like crazy. Every 2 hours I eat. It really does help with the nausea. But my hips are expanding at an alarming rate!!!

I phoned around for an high risk OBGYN yesterday. Quite amusing how, in NY, it's as if they are doing you a favor by taking you on! One cornell group don't accept any insurance but "you can get reimbursed by you insurance company". Oh can I? Gosh that's terrific. I have to wait 9 months to submit (when hopefully I will have newborn/s) and then I have to battle with the insurance company to get 70% back. NO THANKS LADY

I did find a high risk doc at Cornell that was recommended by a friend. The earliest appointment I could get was February 11. So I am with the crazy Pole till then. I just learnt that Dr J put a patient on modified bed rest at 10 weeks. hahahahahahahahahahaha. Not happening here honey. I would go totally mad.


  1. Well EB with a placental abruption you just might end up on modified best rest sooner than later!! Enjoy running your errands now - I'm just saying! What yummy food are you eating lately?

  2. Finding an ob is like trying on bathing suits. HATE it, but hopefully you will find someone you like soon. Seems like it should be easier in NYC!

    Hoping your abruption is No Big Deal, and everything looks good at your u/s. Take care.

  3. They can tell a lot about the abruption from the ultrasound (although it might have to be a vag scan, sorry to say...) and depending on if it's just an edge and the blood flow, etc. you should have a pretty good picture of what's going on. Having been through this all in the last few weeks, I can say that it is both scary as an idea and not so bad in reality if things kind of stabilize and nothing else dramatic happens.

    Good luck!

  4. Oh, EB, I'm sorry - it's all so worrisome and stressful! Thinking of you and hoping it doesn't turn out to be as bad as you fear.
    Take good care, and keep enjoying delicious food!

  5. oh, gosh, I just read about it too on Dr. G. I really hope it's a little one that resolves itself. It's good that you have an appetite - hope you got some tasty snacks. Good luck getting the high risk OBGYN:)

  6. cornell and columbia hospitals are combined. Columbia Presbyterian (168th st) is also has very good maternal-fetal obgyn practice. Try reaching out to Dr Jennifer Tam's office.

  7. You just can't seem to get a break, sister. Shit. Well, if you researched PA, you know what to be on high alert for - pain and bleeding and wooziness from the blood loss. I'm glad Lorraine had some words of wisdom for you and...as usual...your sense of humor (albeit dark) cracks me up (i.e. the reference to the "Crazy Pole" and your maniacal laughter). I hope things get better soon.