Monday, January 18, 2010

When's the marathon?

I am officially off the loveno/x today. One down a serious number of others to go. My progesterone is 17 which Dr J is not happy with - she wants it at 25. So, for now I am still on the pills and injections. Oh well. My DH gave me my PIO shot the other night and was really shocked at the bruises. Then I rolled over to do the Loveno.x and he nearly fainted! My belly is worse than my back. At least I got some sympathy ;-) Ironic that DH is more concerned about the bruises but has no idea what the morning sickness or side effects are like.

Oh and the news of the day.... I walked 5 blocks in 15 mins today. Whooo hooooooooooo. I was psyched. I have hiked serious trails, peaks and snow capped and I can honestly say, that 15 minute walk was way more amazing. I kept going and passed that road, that marker, this place, that place. Oh it was so great. I kept thinking "holy shyte and onions keep going Eb". Tomorrow I am going to try to walk to work - 12 blocks.

My back doctor gave me a prognosis of 70% full recovery rate. That is not too shabby! I am being signed up for prenatal yoga, prenatal swimming, prenatal stretching and massage. Seriously folks, I have a full time job but I am gonna be one of the obnoxiously over busy pregnant women that goes to something everyday ....EVERYDAY... in order to strengthen my back. For real, I am kinda excited about the activity. I got my gym bag out, looked online for maternity swimming costumes and workout gear. It feels normal to me, to be thinking about exercising so this has given me something to look forward to.



  1. Congratulations on so many fronts - it sounds like you're doing this exactly right - take on what you can, work on getting strong, and on taking good care of yourself. So jealous you're off Lovenox...

  2. Zounds! That is awesome progress!! I think that it is great that you will be doing something every day to strengthen your back, because your belly is going to be growing every day. The more work you are able to put in now will surely pay off in the long run :) And maternity swimsuits...nice!

    I am so glad you are feeling better and I hope that you are off of the shots soon (although I had to keep taking the PIO until 12 the time I was through my behind was so sore it would wake me up at night if I rolled over on it...never had to take the Lovenox though, so I shall count myself lucky...)


  3. Glad you are feeling better! Congrats and here's hoping for a full recovery

  4. EB - So glad you're feeling better and the prognosis is amazing! WOnderful news. I'm jealous that you have the energy to exercise at all - my morning sickness (all day!) is sapping me completely. I can hardly work at all. Good luck to you! lots of love.

  5. I am happy that things are looking better for you! Everything is a little better when you are not in constant pain :) hang in there, you can do it!

  6. Wait a're going to work? I will only approve of this (she said sternly, as though her approval mattered) as long as work does not stress you out or strain your back!

    The back strengthening exercises sound great and hopefully will take you beyond the 70% chance of recovery rate.

    BTW, it's nice to see your tail wagging again, and yay for being off one ouchy med!

  7. Holy shyte and onions indeed EB, that's great progress and I think your plan to strengthen up before the preggers belly hits is a great plan. Keep it up and many wishes for a great recovery.