Sunday, January 24, 2010

good news bad news

Good news
my back is improving in leaps and bounds. I can get out of bed in the morning and not want to cry and wail like a sad old broken person

Bad news
Spotting. Dark red with bits in it. Its not a lot but it is increasing. I see Dr J tomorrow am but if it keeps getting heavier I'll try get hold of her this afternoon.

I wouldn't be too worried except that my depression has lifted a bit which lets face it - is great on one hand but maybe indicates something else too. I still feel queasy though, so that's encouraging.

I am not panicking. Been through too many m/c to know there is nothing I can do about it except manage the pain & grief when the time comes. I have also read lots of blogs where women with twins bled and they are/were fine. So I shan't jump to any conclusions.

I realized today that I don't think we will try again if this one fails. Odd thing to realize.


  1. I had the same type of spotting you mentioned. At times it was heavy with red blood and other times just brown staining. My RE wasn't concerned much and u/s showed our twins are just fine. They told me it was common with twins and not to worry too much. It seemed to resolve on its own. We have noticed it is most associated with uterine contractions.
    Glad to know your back is healing

  2. I wish spotting was a very rare event in pregnancy because it sure causes a lot of worry. But it's just so crazy common and in IVF, often more likely than not.

    I'm glad your depression has lifted and I hope it's just because you're riding the emotional wave and are in a better place.

    I feel for you on the emotional part more than the physical stuff - because I have learned that we ARE our emotions, even if we don't want to be.

    Hang in there girl (and don't feel silly getting checked out if it's going to make you feel better).

  3. Yes, try to sit tight. I bled for 6 weeks. My friend with twins bled for 22 weeks. Glad to hear you are doing better though.

  4. Dear EB,
    thinking of you and glad for the good news and frowning at the bad. Why can't there be a good news break where everything goes smoothly. You've been through so much. Please keep breathing and try to relax - I know that sounds ridiculous, but like PPs said it could be twin business as usual. (((( huge big hugs and hope to you)))))

  5. Oh, EB, you are being brave, but I hope things are okay and this is just the old blood spotting several of us experienced in early pregnancy. I hope they can get you in for an U/S so you can have a look and find out for sure. Take care, rest and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  6. Glad to know that your back is getting better. Hope the spotting is just routine and you'll see the doc tomorrow and get more good news. I'll keep my thoughts in the positive for you.

  7. Good news about your back. I'm sorry about the spotting, but it is considered pretty normal at this stage in pregnancy. I'm hoping for the best because I know you'll be a great mom. xxoo

  8. I agree with everyone- so glad to hear the good news about your back and depression, so very sorry about your bleeding. Hope everything turns out to be good news even it is dressed in wolf's clothing.

    thinking of you,

  9. Things are never easy, are they? I am sorry to hear about the bleeding. It really makes it difficult to relax. Thinking of you and hope your appointment goes well.