Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What was I thinking!!!

Here I am at work with 5 hours of meetings ahead of me and all I can think is... kill me. I cannot sit in these office chairs and listen to piss and moan for another 5 hours. Should I go home? Should I go home early and climbing into bed because I am so damn tired. My back aches yes, but is it painful enough to bail? Is it really that I am tired.
How pleased am I that the daily workouts don't start for a while!!!

People with real jobs have my utmost admiration.

However, on the good news side - my new pill regime is working. Take the estrogen and steroids in the day, progesterone and prenatal vitamin at night and I don't feel as crap. And I sleep better.

All I want to do is float in a swimming pool somewhere warm.


  1. Oh hon, I am feeling your pain! You should consider leaving early, which I would totally do, unless it is going to make things way more difficult down the line. If you are in pain though, you DO NOT want to slip back into the hell that has been your last week! So if it is just uncomfortable and annoying, I'd probably stick it out. But keep in mind, if you are on pain meds at all that may be masking how much pain you are IN, so err on the cautious side - you have THREE people to consider, remember!

    Good luck, you're the best!

  2. Well, I think the answer is obvious. You're just going to have mandatory meetings in the pool. Good luck on getting that organized. ;-) Glad you are feeling better and the meds regime is smoothing out.

  3. I am all about bailing out of work whenever possible.

  4. I hope you bailed....is there any way to get a better chair for your back? I also loved IF Optimist's idea!

  5. I can't believe you even went to work in your condition! Please tell me you went home. So glad, though, you were feeling well enough to try.
    Thinking of you,