Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So over the past two weeks I have been eating. Sandwiches mostly but those 400 calorie types from Pret A Manger (aged cheddar and chutney, roast beef and mustard). I eat two a day at work plus an apple & cheese plus some almonds then at home I have a meal of something like rice and beef or chicken. I round the day off with cookies and milk. I am aware that too much weight gain is a bad thing so I am eating 'clean' foods.

Somehow, and I know not how, I have lost weight!!! I am now 5 pounds down not up from when I started trying to gain weight. I added an almond croissant to the mix today but I am not loving the smell of it right now ;-|

I think I'm losing muscle mass. My jeans don't really fit and my thighs are on super spreading mode. I sit down and take up twice as much space! I think a little toning exercise might be a good thing - light swimming. And maternity clothing shopping this weekend - I need a pair of work pants!!

No more bleeding since Sunday which I am hoping is a good thing. And the abruption was very tiny so lets hope its all resolved by Saturday when we see them again. I am getting tons of pinching at the sides but that is fine according to 'what to expect..'

Oh! and the big news. I told my boss yesterday. I thought it was wise for job security and all that. He has 21 year old twins and was really pleased for me, which was nice. He said "hey sit down, off your feet". Then told me I could travel the night before to out of town meetings so I get rest! Gee thanks. I'm not sure what this year will bring on the work front but as long as I can keep the income rolling in to cover the costs of all the baby making and baby having- -all will be well. I don't love my job and I miss team work and being part of a creative environment. But at least I am earning.

It was really really really odd to say the word 'pregnant' out loud. "I have some news I wanted to share with you, I'm pregnant" Ha!! good lord still sounds like I am lying!


  1. Yay! What a relief to get that out with your boss. Glad he sound pretty accomidating. I can't believe you lost weight! But those first couple months are hard on your body and you've been through more than most. I would really try to gain "healthy" weight though, I've heard that with twins it is really important. NOT that I have any experience! Good luck hon.

  2. Those babies are burning up some calories! I'm so glad that you were able to tell your boss and that he has perspective on having twins. :) {hugs}

  3. LOL...good for telling the boss. Yeah, I still think I'm lying too, believe it or not. Not sure when that feeling goes away exactly. I've noticed for every inch my belly pokes out, my butt seems to do the same. Ahh're sounding a little more up and chipper these days. Yay!

  4. You're eating good foods (well, minus the cookies, but I am a strong cookie advocate so no guff about it from me) and so as long as the nutrition is good, I'd be happy about the weight loss (for now).

    Congats on telling the boss! Ah, yes, the strange feeling when the words "I am pregnant" come out of your mouth the first few times. Well, soon enough it will become obvious! And I'm glad to hear he was supportive. Have fun shopping for clothes!

  5. I lost about 5-6 pounds in weeks after getting pregnant. I think it had to do more with being off IVF meds. My doctors want me to focus on protein. I get it all, salad, veggies, good carbs, but my lord I am about at 150 grams of protein per day.

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