Sunday, January 3, 2010

freakin' siberian

Damn me it's colder than penguin poop. We have tons of cracked windows from the pointing they are doing outside and the wind is whipping thru the apartment. I am thinking of climbing back under the damn covers.

Feeling a little bit less panicky today. I put the books on my husbands bedside table. I'm still fearful but your comments really helped. I have weird cramping and amazing bloating. This morning I even had morning sickness. So I am thinking these are good signs.

The fact that I get another beta tomorrow is probably the real helper, tho. Just to know. I guess my number should be around 16,000. I think. I have never got that before, nowhere near. That would be awesome. Oh wait. How long do the doubling numbers go for? I am 5 weeks I think. 5 weeks. Is that all!!!!! Yikes. This is going to be like an elephant pregnancy!

I am freezing my ass off. Gonna go to the movies to warm up. Twilight movie is basically the only one I haven't seen at my local cinema so vampires here I come.


  1. I think that HCG numbers are less relieable after the first 72 hours, so I don't thing the normal doubling rules apply--do not freak thyself out!
    Good luck, and stay warm!

  2. You should still be doubling. I found this at

    "HCG levels double approximately every 48 hours during early normal pregnancy. It reaches a peak at about 10 week of gestation (since last menstrual period). At which time the average hCG levels in samples is around 60,000 mIU/ml."

    Brrr. I remember those NY winter days. Bone chilling. Hopefully the theater will be toasty. And I'm glad your symptoms are re-emerging. They will play hide-and-seek occasionally, but I'm happy you'll have another beta tomorrow.

  3. It is freezing slightly south of you here at the jersey shore :) the wind chill is 4 i think....4? ugh. and I think your hcg should still be doubling every 72 hours or so at your dpo....check out if you have not is pretty darn awesome with doubling hours etc......though remember my numbers took a serious snooze at one check (not even doubling) but then fully rebounded on the next sometimes the numbers can be wrong :)

  4. Can't wait for your beta results - do they do an u/s yet? I think getting out to a movie is the best idea - Twilight (IMHO) was better than the first one, not an amazing movie but fun. I have heard amazing things about Avatar but we RARELY go to the theater to see anything, so sadly I have no actual advice about current shows! Good luck tomorrow -

  5. Yeah, you're right to ask how long the betas double for - because at some point they do stop climbing (I think) and I don't want you to freak out. :)

    You're cracking me up though because you might wind up being a tad more neurotic than me. I mean, you're no where NEAR that place yet but, hey, you can aspire to be.

  6. Glad to hear that you feel a little less panicy today :) And Good Gosh it is freezing here too just outside of least it finally stopped snowing! Good luck on your Beta tomorrow!!