Wednesday, March 31, 2010

not doing so good today

Woke up in the night feeling like I was going to throw up at about 4 am this morning. Now, I did eat about 10, 000 calories yesterday including carrot cake and a huge slice of red velvet cake. I know! I know! Today, the nausea has subsided but I still feel off. Not ill, or sick but 'off'. I am terrified something is wrong with the lemons which is kinda weird since I felt the bubbles for the first time last night. I also have heart burn (very bad last night, not so bad today).

Am I over tired? Is it just too much food all of a sudden? I go to see Dr K tomorrow thankfully (although the speed of her examinations makes me a little fearful she will miss something.)

The main issue is my worry over the little ones. What if ... Oh god, what if...

Ideas for getting out of this funk most welcome.


  1. I know that the fear can be gripping and it is hard to stop the "what if" thoughts.

    I got to the point where I simply had to banish the thoughts. So, when they would creep in I'd audibly tell myself to "Stop" and immediately think about something, anything else. I allowed myself 5 mins/day to dwell in that worried space and that was it. It helped me immensely to just stop the thoughts (even if I couldn't quite replace them with optimistic ones).

    And, I got a Doppler, which saved my sanity.

  2. Hehe, I think too much cake! Not too much food. You are carrying twins! So lay off the sweets (mostly) and I bet you'll come around. Try some real ginger ale to settle your tummy.

    I would probably rent a doppler too, seems like that helps a lot of us nervous IFers.

  3. Hey,

    Sorry to hear that you're feeling off. Hopefully everything is fine and it's just a little too much carrot cake.

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  4. The heartburn will make you feel sick to your stomach - it happened to me a lot. You can take Tums and they do help. I kept a huge bottle at my bedside and would wake up in the middle of the night to take them. Try it and see if it helps.

  5. Sorry, chiming in late, but with my twins the heartburn could make me feel really, really sick. And during the "middle" of my pregnancy, my blood pressure dropped and made me feel really cruddy for quite some time. Not usually like going to throw up crappy, just want to lay down and let the world go by me crappy. Actually, I felt cruddy throughout the whole pregnancy: 1st tri--morning sickness, 2nd tri--low blood pressure, resulting in general crappyness and nausea (and vomiting!), 3rd tri--UNBELIEVABLE heartburn leading to nausea. I think I had about 2 weeks of the pregnancy "bliss" that people talk about. I hope your OB gives you good and reassuring news today and that you are feeling better!

  6. Uhm, do I need to lecture you about what the nausea means??? No, I don't think so. And although I don't wish it on anyone (to the degree I've had it) let me just say that continued nausea eliminates the need to ever rent a doppler. And I highly doubt it had anything to do with what you ate. But red velvet cake is one of my very favorites! I agree on the tums remedy and I also suggest having a little snack when you wake up in the night. I went for yogurt, pudding, a luna bar, or something else with a little protein and kick to keep your body occupied the rest of the night. Highly recommend this.

  7. Okay - I'm jealous of the red velvet cake - it's my absolute favorite!!! I have to sympathize with you. I've learned during this pregnancy that my body can't take too much of any find of food. I end up very nauseous and overfull, ready to vomit...for hours. I guess it's because there are 2 in there and while the appetite comes back in the 2nd trimester, the stomach has no room to hold all of this food. I've had to learn to eat slower and put 1/2 as much as usual on my plate. Hoping the lemons are doing great!