Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nothing fits.

I am in a very odd 'in between' phase. My regular clothes are too tight. My maternity clothes are too big. Nothing fits.. just right. Doing my head in.
The sizing for maternity clothes is a joke. Size 1 - tiny. Size 2 - gigantic!

And WHY OH WHY do all the damn sleeves have to be puffy??? I look like a damn football player in drag! And the V-neck shirts. I am amply blessed and even I don't fill out the v-necks.

I give up!!

I've gone back to ordering a size up from my normal size in regular clothes and having them altered. I think when I am back to normal I shall treat myself to new clothes. Mine are looking a bit ragged.

Didn't sleep at all last night due to cats jumping all over me continuously. So snuck home for a lunchtime nap!!
We have our first twin class tonight. Really looking forward meeting other couples in the same situation.


  1. Yes, the maternity clothes are a bit awkward at first. But eventually you WILL fill them out (except maybe those strange puffy sleeves). Shirts I bought looked like damn caftans on me at first, and now, my belly fills them all the way out! Great that you were able to get a nap in and I hope the class is wonderful!

  2. Hoping the class is great - sorry about the clothes. How do those celebrity moms always look so cute?! I'm sure you look great though - that happy glow can't be covered with puffy sleeves!

  3. Ugh. Those sleeves are so NOT flattering! You know, when I was really pregnant, I tried fitting into "larger lady" wear in order to avoid those damn sleeves. The problem with the plus sized wear is that conversely the sleeves were HUGE and although I was rockin' a D cup, you could see through my shirt like a tunnel when I held my arms out by my sides. They did fit my belly, however. I had more luck in the beginning using a bella band and just unsnapping my pants with a regular shirt over the top. I also had luck with non poofy shirts at Motherhood Maternity.

    Hope you twins class is a lot of fun and informative!

  4. Hey - just noticed my friend Andrea has a post about "what she needed with twins" on her blog

    It is the 2nd post in, but she lists many things they didn't realize would be important until they were living it! Her twins are 2 weeks old. Just thought you'd be interested.

  5. Delurking to say, glad you are doing well! And a word of warning about Motherhood Maternity ...

    You are not allowed to return ANYTHING ... I think you have 10 days from purchase to EVEN EXCHANGE.

    I was in a rush one night and bought a pair of pants and a sweater without trying them on. Turned out they were not flattering (to say the least). The line at the check out was sooooooo inefficient (in large part due to their suggestive selling and trying to capture personal info for marketing purposes) ... the clerk emphasized the 10 days part, but not the NO RETURNS policy. When I realized the clothes were atrocious ON and that in my rush, I'd picked up a pkg of the wrong size underwear, I hurried back to another MM store.

    I didn't unload on the clerk (that would be uncool), but I felt like I should unload on SOMEONE at corporate. That non-policy is just BS and they should have it posted in no uncertain terms EVERYWHERE to make it clear since nowhere else in the real retail world (am I nuts?) so such restrictions apply.

    On top of my frustration at not being able to get my $$ back for totally overpriced, not that great quality clothes ...

    1. The clerk told me that even though the package of underwear was clearly never opened (the package was intact and the underwear was folded like origami), there were no returns on underwear. Which I get if they are loose and you might have tried them on, but no. She gave me a break and let me exchange the pkg for the right size at least. Hard to feel like it was a big 'favor', though. So gracious of them not to completely ***** me.

    2. The clerk also told me that she wasn't supposed to let me exchange the pant either, because they were from the clearance rack. She also let that slide. I think my glowing red pupils and the horns sprouting out of my skull probably gave her pause about pushing me too far.

    2. The exchange had to be TO THE PENNY. I ended up buying another bella band (at least I'd use that) ... and practically a whole new drawer full of underwear (which isn't really any diff from non-maternity, thank goodness). And then the clerk drove both of us insane trying to figure out what little (UNWANTED) notions she could add to the order to make the exchange add up to the penny. So the whole transaction took 15 or 20 minutes when, once again, others were waiting for me and there was a terrible line of other customers bakced up behind me.

    So, word to the wise, as you get into wardrobe adjustments, just keep an eye on the return policies at any kind of "maternity" store. And take the time to be sure you are happy with your purchases!

    I'm with you and other commenters. Working with larger sizes of regular clothes, bella bands and tees from regular stores is a great way to get by for as long as you can. Also, maternity resale, if you can find it, is not a bad way to fill in a few pieces here and there.

    I hear

  6. Hey EB -- I smile a big smile every time I stop by and think of you having twins. TWINS my dear, you're growing twins. I am so excited for you. I wish I had better advice on maternity wear; I ended up with a pair of jeans a few oversize cardigans and about a dozen tee shirts from gap maternity. . .my job is mostly informal and my clients are mostly on the east coast and I'm mostly not, so, you know, lots of phone calls and it doesn't matter what I look like. I did find the maternity tee shirts to be a big help, and they let me wear a lot of my regular stuff for longer. Glad you're getting some sleep and getting some walking in. . .enjoy, enjoy these months are the best! Love,