Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the winner is...

I had to tell someone that I was pregnant that who has boundary issues. I really didn't want to tell her because it means I have to start pushing back, setting boundaries etc and that just pisses me off. She yelled "oh wow, I'm gonna be an aunt". Er, we aren't related and also .... what!!!!! Who does that! We are inviting friends to be aunties and uncles (instead of god parents) but she doesn't know that. She just assumed her involvement in our kids lives. Right now she lives in London. Please let her meet someone who hates to fly and keeps her totally occupied.
And my husband isn't too keen on her being in our apartment!!!
Ohh, interesting times ahead.

All we have to do now is get through the pregnancy. And at this rate I will be as fat as a fat cow with weight issues. I'm not eating a huge amount and I have gone off chocolate (shocking) but my weight keeps creeping up. I am trying to exercise but I am so crap lately. I haven't exercised at all today. I started out for a 10 block walk. Ended up jumping in a cab and shopping for tonight's munchies!! Oscar red carpet watch. Jewels, dresses and vapid inane chatter - oh I can't wait.

And the winner is.. my two babies that are now the size of a lemon.


  1. You and your babies are definitely the winners.

    I hope Oscar brings a welcome distraction to the faux Auntie issue.

  2. Oh, lovely little lemons! Enjoy the oscars and ignore boundary issues girl. :)

  3. EB -- I am so happy for you! I'm so excited to see all this unfold for you. With love,

  4. Ha ha! I totally forgot about the Os cars! That is preoccupation for ya! Hope you had a lovely time checking out the bling and voting for your favs.

    I wouldn't worry too much about Auntie Insano - TONS of people said such things when I was pg and essentially none of them have been in Ds life (except the three we WANTED as pretend auntie/uncles). Of course, if she DOES jump the pond and move in as full time crazy, think of the blogging possibilities!

  5. I love that you jumped in a cab and went shopping for munchies!!!! Don't be too hard on yourself. This weight thing is temporary and your babies need it!!