Tuesday, March 16, 2010


so this was the text I got from my DH today

"baby shoes.. OMG how cute"

I love him so much!

So, I directed a play reading yesterday. I LOVED IT!! I loved being back in the theatre and back with scripts and actors and lights and the jargon that I love. It was a success - big relief. I saw the playwright today and she wants me to direct the play before I give birth. Er. OK.

At the same time, at work today, we were doing succession planning for when I am out. The person organising said "Realistically we have you for another 10 weeks. Then you can't travel and will be uncomfortable on your feet" Doesn't mean I get to not work, but it does mean I will be on 'restricted duty' which in my job means writing lots of articles, speeches etc. Stuff I can do from my bed. And stuff that I can do outside of rehearsal!!!!

I might be able to make this happen. Oh that would be so cool. Am I being totally unrealistic? Yeah, probably. Ah well. I can dream. And you never know. You never know.


  1. It sounds great, and if it becomes too much, you will step down gracefully! So go for it (IMHO) and plan to sit a lot, maybe have some teenage runner people to help out by doing stuff for you during rehearsals...it will be awesome! Can you tell us the play? Or email me (Cuz I'm dying to know)

  2. Wow EB -- that all sounds so exciting and great. So glad you're enjoying the second trimester -- it's the best time, the biggest worries are over and you're not yet so uncomfortable. Drink up every day! Love,

  3. Hi-i live in NYC also and was wondering if you could contact me privately with your opinion on some of the clinic you had dealings with.