Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spina Bifida test.

Saw Dr K again. Lemons are doing fine. How she knows this? Not sure. I was with her for less than 10 mins in which time she performed a cervical exam and a belly- sound/ultrasound thing. She then ordered me for a blood test for Spina bifida and anemia. OK. I am guessing its routine at 16 weeks. Right?? Anyone?

I asked the blood technician when results are in.

"At least a week"

I thought .... that sounds like a long time so I asked my doctor

"Call on Monday"

Ah Cornell.


  1. Yup, routine test for neural tube defects. Don't recall if you did the CVS or not, but this is like the one thing that the CVS cannot test for.

  2. Totally routine. Hang in there - always tons of tests you aren't quite sure why they are doing. Glad the appt went well!