Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sinus infection

Yup, and I am miserable. I usually take OTC meds but after googling it turns out that netti pooty and the saline sprays are really the only option. At least I'm at home, with ice packs and throat lozenges. Ahh poor me! I went out and bought some lovely ice lollies - oh they are super for sore throats and sore heads.

Other than the lollies my appetite has been off and I am just shedding pounds. I think I am down 4 pounds which means I am now at 2 pounds total weight gain in week 17. My doctor will kick my arse if I go in with that weight gain so I tried coconut milk which I was told was great for pregnancy - er ick!!!! Anyone got any nutrition ideas for lack of appetite?


  1. You poor mama...if it's not one thing, it's another. Coconut milk is good in Thai cooking, but drinking it straight? Bleah. I guess I'd advise drinking something like Ensure. It may not taste very good, but it provides complete nutrition and lots of calories. Feel better soon!

  2. I love Ovaltine - the chocolate kind (orange lable) NOT the malt kind (with yellow lable). Unless you like malt, but I don't (obviously!) - but it is yummy chocolate milk with lots o nutrients - heavily caloric; my friend who lost a bunch of weight due to illness drank it every day for weight gain (healthfully)

    Poor sicky, hope you are feeling better soon!