Sunday, March 28, 2010

2 if by sea...

my new twinnie friend - the one that has helped me navigate through Dr J and Cornell, gave birth yesterday - to two healthy 7lb babies. And she did it the old fashioned way. I couldn't be more pleased for her. She was really not into having a c-section and whilst giving birth to two kids at once makes me whince and want to curl up in a small ball, she would much prefer that to the whole 'operation' thing.
She also wanted one of each - and she got 'em - a girl and boy. Congrats. C!!

It got me to thinking. What do I want? C-section or as it is referred to on the blogs 'natural childbirth'. I will have to be in the operating room anyway coz of age and twins. ( I still double take when I write the word twin, no pun intended). I think I will prepare for both, that way, whatever happens I can roll with it. You can so tell I have never given birth!

I watch the D>iscovery Channel birth programs and they freak me out. However, one episode was amazing. A nurse was having her 2nd child and wanted to try hypnobirthing. She had the kid with no pain killers or need for petrocin. Now, whilst giving birth she was screaming her head off but it was really quick and afterwards she was so alert and with it. I really admire women that can do stuff like that. Not that I would sign up for it - hell no!! Give me pain killers. I have decided to go to relaxation classes tho. I think it will help with whatever goes on at the hospital. If I go full term I have 22 weeks to go. So realistically I have about 20 if I am lucky. Wow, holy crapoli. I am going to curl up on my bed and start sucking my thumb now!


  1. Wow - things are moving so fast!!!
    Congrats to your twin mommy friend. Are you going to find out the gender or did I miss the whole thing?

  2. Good for your twinnie friend! Amazing. Of course I only know the C-section way. It was NOT a stroll through the tulips by any means, and post-birth recovery takes longer. Plus, they had me gorked out on morphine (my DH told me what they had given me - I had no idea) and so I was all fuzzy-minded when they rolled me to recovery and plopped my newborn on my chest to breastfeed. Not really the ideal vision of birth, eh? But I think you will be served well to do exactly what you propose - be prepared for either. What path your pregnancy takes is unknown, so if you can be mentally prepared for all possibilities, you will be able to roll easier with the decision you'll eventually need to make - whatever it is.

    Half way there, EB! Yay!

  3. I have to say I was kinda glad when they told me I had to go the c-section route. No choice for me! But recovery does take longer and (believe it or not) I suppose our bodies are designed to do this. But I'd go to the classes, and just see what they say when you get closer. It doesn't hurt to be prepared, and they cover a lot of other things in the classes as well (at least ours did).
    Good luck!

  4. I'm so excited for our mutual friend "C". I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about their birth story. That will be you in a few short months! Well maybe a bit longer than a few, but soon!