Thursday, March 11, 2010

tough times

First of all thank you, all your suggestions were great. I shall get a butterfly necklace and have her daughters name engraved on the back.

Today BWUB is having her baby. I have read every post on her blog throughout her pregnancy. It is totally wild to think today is the day! I wish her all the best and demand photo's soon :-)

I am tired today. I think I am worried, although I am so out of touch with my emotions it could be a something completely different. There has been too much sad news in our lives lately. My friends toddler dying, today my DH lost a colleague who was in his early 20s. A very good friend lost her mother and is deep in the woods on that one.
This makes me think about our lemons. What happens if... And how can we afford to do this? NY is so expensive. I know I am worrying coz I am tired. And yet.

ON the up side, the expense will make me more fiscally responsible. that's a good thing. and the best bits of having kids is the fun not the funds (that's a good advertising line). Maybe I will move into a less stressful more functional group at work?
And I have the lemons, which is all that matters.

I have a break this afternoon, I think I shall take a nap!


  1. I hope you get a good nap in and exhale the worries away. I'm sorry for those in your life who have had such loss. It always serves as a reminder to live each day to the fullest and cherish those we love. I cannot comprehend the unimaginable pain of losing a toddler (as a mother to one myself). My heart breaks for her.
    And many of us will follow every day of your journey and root you on.

  2. Nap sounds great. I think you are just emotionally overwhelmed by all this terrible news, and even some of the thrilling news (like BWUB!). It just wears you out, and you are on overload anyway with pg hormones.

    A necklace sounds lovely, my heart hurts for your friend.

  3. Thank you! Believe me, it's totally wild for me too! Love and hugs to you and your lemons!