Saturday, March 13, 2010

twin class 2

Last night was 3 hours of twin class again. This time it was all about when you get the baby home. There were 3 women all at 34 weeks and the rest of us.
The class was in a different part of town. Last time it was SOHO and this time the Upper East Side. The UES is known for super wealthy folks (think Gossip Girl). In reality is has all sorts and has been a family neighbourhood for a long time. It was held in a breast feeding shop that had some really scary shit on the wall, let me tell ya!

Again, the class was very informative. If anyone wants to know which double wide stroller to get just let me know! The people were a trip again.

Crazy older mom: She must have been in her late 40s and was a loony as a tune. She kept blurting things out, twitching and moaning, making inappropriate eye contact (!) and had a necklace worth at least $40K around her neck whilst she looked like a bag lady.

Young and wealthy: She was 21 and had a Marc Jacob/s diaper bag!!! She also had had a shower and every time anyone mentioned anything she would say "oh i have that". Her 29 year old husband worked all through the session on his blackberry AND COMPUTER.

Doc and wife: The couple were lovely - i think he was a doctor and she was totally calm about everything.

That was all fun. However, things between DH and I got a little rocky last night. I think DH may be in a bit of a manic/panic mode. Wouldn't surprise me after 3 hours of twin class but it doesn't help with my anxiety levels. Ah well. It's been a tough week for both of us. I am so glad its the weekend!!


  1. HA! I really love your recaps of twin class. Your descriptions of the other parents is very funny. Just wait till preschool and ALL of the different types there!! Hope you are feeling ok! Be sure to rest and drink lots of water...

  2. Twins class sounds like the best! Kind of fun that it is in different places - and is that a store just for breast feeding items? How many things can there be?! NYC is a crazy place for sure!

    Hope things are smoothed out with DH - I'm sure seeing scary implements on the wall and hearing about all the "necessary" purchases made him crazy! Take care.