Monday, March 8, 2010

U/S day

I love seeing the lemons. They are kicking the crap out of each other at the moment. One looks bigger but we couldn't really get to the one on the bottom so we don't really know. They are either both 15w or one is 15w and the other 14w. Either way, they are strong and funny as a rabbit's arse, as we say in Yorkshire. Hands, legs, heads, bellies .... it all looks good to me, can't wait to kiss every part of them.

I dreamt that I was in the kids bedroom and one of them was in front of me. I reached out and cupped his soft blond hair in my hand. It felt so real, I jerked awake. What a ride this all is.

We have been doing our tax preparation. Like everyone else out there that I read this morning it caused problems on the home front. The arguments were basically along the lines of ' holy crap did we spend some cash on getting knocked up'. The good thing is that we spent over 10% of our income which means some of it is tax deductible. DH is freaking out about how much we spent. I couldn't care less. What the hell else would we spend it on?? We are getting all the baby stuff second hand through the twins network, they are going to public school and then over to the UK for university. Not that I plan much!

An I met a wonderful women today that has guided me through everything post Cornell. She is 34 weeks and looks amazing! Full of life and wonderfully round. It's so good to see someone excited and into the whole thing. I owe her so much and can only thank her from the bottom of my heart.


  1. 15 weeks is awesome! Mine have never measured exactly the same either since the very beginning. I love that you have everything planned out!! Kinda hard not to, isn't it?

  2. Yay! I'm glad the lemons are doing well!

  3. Lemons now, eh? Great that they're both doing well and that you're planning their future! Money shmoney. Sort of. But definitely well spent!

  4. Yeah really, would it have been better to spend the money on video games or a trip? I'm with you, lady. Babies have a lot of bang for their buck.
    That's so exciting that your babies are lemon sized! Great that you are getting stuff second hand and are hooked into the twins network and have a mentor in the 34 week twin lady!

  5. Oh hon, sorry about the fight. But you're right, what else would you spend the $$ on? We could buy a new car, or some other stuff, but this is what we chose to spend it on. And at least you actually got something for your money!

    So glad the lemons are getting all feisty and big - thinking of you.