Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ob visit #2

Saw Dr K again today. The little ones looked fine, flipping all around. Didn't get to see them for very long and didn't get a picture either. But I did get to see them.

My platelet measured just a tad low. 149 and they like over 150. So, retest and wait and see. Everything is groovy. No diabetes etc. Blood pressure is good. I am having my thyroid tested just to be sure.

I asked her if she recommends home dopplers and she vehemently said "oh no, they cause more pain than pleasure". Mind you, this is the same doctor that didn't see the point of a having a Doula because I will be having a C section. The point, my dearest doctor, is to help the WHOLE family cope with two new living things and all the freakin' stress!! Bet she doesn't like cats!

So, touch wood, things are stable. And we got the OK to travel, even plane travel. So I may persuade my DH that a weekend in the Bahamas would be just the thing. He is really nervous about going anywhere ... just in case. It's amazing how IF effects us all differently. We are both travelers, love the open road and adventure yet he only wants to go to Washington DC for our weekend away .. just in case.
I am cautious in a different way. I am spending less time reading IF blogs, less time interacting with the IF world. Just in case... just in case I have to write the dreaded post. The one where everything went wrong and its all over.

DH wants to stay close to home and I want to run away!!


  1. Yes, you should run away to someplace warm and sunny. :)

  2. Yeah, go on a lovely vacation - where ever will be great! I should go somewhere too. My dh HATES to travel, you are lucky to have such a good boy!

    Try not to worry too much (haha) but remember you have all the excellent young genes on your side this time! Thinking of you hon.