Thursday, March 25, 2010

I hear ya...

I took you're advice and stayed home today. THANK YOU!
So glad I did, I coughed all night. It always goes like that - horrible sore throat then I cough like a sick elephant for three nights and then it's all over. The cats hate me. First it was the nose blowing trumpet and now the hacking monkey act. They look at me like they're thinking ... call me when you're quieter.

I ate all day yesterday ! Started off with chicken noodle soup for lunch, then a veggie sandwich, then a BLT then banana's and lolly pops - oh it was so good. I am actually looking forward to lunch today. Going to an organic soup place a block away on the way to the chemist. I need cough medicine so I shall go ask the chemist. Not that I actually trust the chemist but hey - I did about 3 hours of research last night so I think I am a well informed consumer.

Tonight is acupuncture night, which I am so looking forward to. Apart from the fact that she can cure my sinus problems in a flash she always gets the babies to move and then she looks at me and says " I can feel them... you want to?" I put my hand in the same spot and there they are, like little submerged whales or something, brushing my palm before disappearing. I get to feel lemon butt! The first time I felt them we both burst into tears. She said I looked euphoric!
I am always waiting for the quickening now - is that a muscle pull or ... the quickening? Is that gas or .... the quickening. Sounds like a Steven King novel!

When did you first feel yours and what did it feel like??


  1. Glad you stayed home today and that you are feeling better!

    When I felt bit and bot, I kinda knew what it was right away. It felt like someone was tap-tap-tapping on the inside of my body. I first felt them at 16 weeks...just one time....and then not again for another 2 weeks.

    You know, I never felt them as much as other people have said that they felt their kids move. Occasionally one kick here or there. The only thing that was consistent were the hiccups. Those were the only "movements" that I could then grab hubby's hand and say, "here, that's them hiccuping now."

    I hope you feel every blessed movement (except when you are trying to sleep)!

  2. You should always take our advice - esp when it is in regards to time off work!
    I was feeling like I was getting a cold today and the first thing that popped into my head was, "good, can be off work!" Sad I know!