Saturday, March 6, 2010

The past, present and future.

The second twin class is NEXT Friday. Duh. I have serious pregnancy brain.

So, my lovelies, today is a day of remembering and projecting. My husband lost all his family over the years and his great grandparents to his parents had stuff that he keeps in the safe box. Today we looked at wedding rings with dates like, 1900, 1933 and the like. A lovely old watch from 1920. The stuff isn't like Rocka.fella stuff but it has all the history we can tell our little ones about where they come from. German passports with yellow stars stamped on them. Name changes at Ellis Island. That sort of thing. It was amazing to sit there and travel through time.

Then we went to his godparents in NJ. They gave him away at the wedding and are just the most supportive loving people. We went over for brunch and there were enough bagels to feed a small army!! This time we came away with yet another bag brimming with home-made food and two pillows. They were hand sewn by my husbands grandmother (or great grandmother). They are just beautiful. One is a colourful flower motif and the other is a blue lattice style. I'll use them in some way as baby things. Not baby pillows clearly, but perhaps motifs or something.

So that leads me to the future. We have been through a few decorating ideas and reconfiguring of the apartment to fit the nursery in. It looks like we have come across a solution to let us all fit in the space that is really 'home' and comfortable. Home. With my lovely husband, two old cats and two little ones. I hope I never take any of this for granted.

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  1. What a wonderful day of memories and plans. Glad that you have some family ties over here that can be a support.
    Of course I'm dying to know how the apartment configuration is going to go. As one whose space is limited I am always curious as to how people figure these things out.
    Is your family going to come over to meet the babies? I'm sure they will - just ne being nosy!