Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have worked it out. I need to get 12 hours sleep or else I am knackered all day. Yes, it appears I am some sort of idiot when it come to all things pregnant!! Eat more, sleep more and all is well. Although, I will ask Dr K for a thyroid test and an anemia test.

I walked 15 blocks to work today. Slowly but surely. I do enjoy getting a little bit of exercise in. It actually makes me happy.

OK. Off to endless meetings about shyte that really doesn't matter.

Other than that, just preggers. :-)


  1. I remember needing to sleep all the time. 12 hours seems about right! You are growing 2 people in there- you need more of everything!
    Get all the exercise you can while it is early. It gets harder half way through your 2nd trimester.
    Work stuff seems so trivial doesn't it??

  2. Yay for lots of sleep! I am already sleeping like a mad woman and feeling a little lazy too!

  3. Eating for 3, sleeping for 3, and walking (slowly) for 3! What silly work meeting could compare with that?!

  4. I didn't have more than a 9 week experience at pregnancy but somewhere around week 6 I couldn't keep my eyes open in the afternoon. But I was so grateful never to have so much as an ounce of morning sickness that I didn't care about the sleepiness (besides, I love to sleep :)

    You're doing great - hope you'll post some belly picks soon.

  5. You are doing great - and my experience was that I suddenly became more alert and lost the morning sickness about week 14. Then I felt great for about 4 months! Of course with twins it is harder on your body so you should go with what it's telling you - but I think the giant sleep need is pretty universal.