Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday coffee sunday

Thanks for all the advice and info on maternity leave. I had a good think about it and realised that 2 months full pay is a very lucky and I can make it work. I also have 4 weeks vacation which I can use to hedge my bets before hand. I know I am legally able to take more but financially I can't. My friend in Denmark got 12 MONTHS full pay and equal amounts for her partner. They pay 40% tax but damn, its worth it!! I suppose my biggest worry is being laid off but I can't let that be my primary worry whilst pregnant. It's not good for me or them.

I am trying to ignore all things crappy on this wonderful weekend but one thing that I can't ignore are the demonstrators on the hill throwing racial, sexual and gender insults at the politicians. I don't care what your political beliefs are, that kind of behavior is totally out of order. Assholes.

Deep breath

Where was I? Oh yes, Sunday is a good day. It's the day that I treat myself to a grande decaf cappuccino. And I have sugar in it. Oh yeah, I am THAT wild. I listen to the bells from the local churches. It's also a day when I have the flat to myself (DH works) and I can daydream about my little lemons. I try to imagine the feeding, the diaper changes, the cuddling, their little legs and yummy tummies. I imagine getting them ready for a stroll. Makes me very happy.
I am eager to meet my little lemons.

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  1. It's my ambition to do just what you do once my morning sickness goes away - with the decaf - I'll be having a latte! I wonder if I will still like coffee - haven't had any for more than six weeks. I love how you call your babies your little lemons:) they must be big lemons by now:)
    yeah - love those hooligans yelling slurs at the politicos. I wish we were a bit more like Denmark or even England in our social care programs - ya know like that thing called maternity leave. I'm glad I was here so I could benefit from the reproductive choices that we have here but if I were still in England I might have not had to wait so long to be solvent and able to support a household. Ah well... We do what we can with what we have.
    I'm going to go back and read all the answers to your previous post.
    Happy Sunday!