Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Food glorious food

Oh I have my appetite back .... today has been a croissant, a slice of cake, chicken noodle soup and a roast beef sandwich. YUMMMMMMY and its not even 2pm yet.

I am back at work and enjoying it immensely. I think I got really bored at home this weekend which is a good sign. It's nice to have the maternity leave worked out coz now I have a countdown on my desktop!! Out of work for two whole months and all of it with my little lemons. God willing. I'll never have that much time with them going froward if I stay in my current industry. I'm planning all sorts.

We have decided to be extremely frugal with 'stuff' - buy nearly everything second hand, accept any gifts from twinnie friends, for example - so we can have a night nurse. I am also contacting Columbia Uni and asking for a mother help from their early education course. That way I can sleep, I'll have help to look after the lemons and I can enjoy them as much as is humanely possible. With no 'folks' to depend on I don't want to turn into zombie women for two months and not get to enjoy them.

According to my book they can hear now and they have retina recognition - so they respond to light. I get to see them on Thursday again. Of course, I am terrified that there is something wrong but in true Brit style I push it way down into my black whole of consciousness!! Tonight is choir, so they shall hear their mum sing!!

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  1. Nice! Yummy food and your lovely lemons get to hear your beautiful voice! Sounds like you have some GREAT plans for how things will look - good on you! Those lemons are lucky to have such a smart mum!