Thursday, April 1, 2010

All is well.

What a drama queen I am!! feeling much better today, just mild ickness. Thank you to all for you advice and the kick up the arse!

Had my 4 min appointment with Dr K. She did a cervical test and an ultrasound in less than 4 mins. Impressive. Lemons have strong heartbeats, are still in bunk beds and all is well. My BP is 120/80, my glucose test was negative and my cervix is 'fine'. I don't have to see her again for 4 weeks. We are having our big ultrasound in 2 weeks so I don't have to wait too long to see them again.

Think I might go see Dr J on some made up nonsense coz she spends time on the u/s and I get pictures. I haven't really seen them in weeks. I wonder what they will look like??

Bagmomma and I have a mutual friend, C, the one that gave birth the old fashioned way to 2 little lovelies. One has a jaundice problem but I think its all under control. Anyhow, she says she has PPD and is crying all the time. I shall go over to visit tomorrow and would like to know from those that are in the know what I could take to help? I was thinking some yummy munchies, some nice coffee, a funny DVD?? She doesn't have any nanny help so she is also totally exhausted.

I shall offer to sit with the little ones if she wants to sleep which may be a bit bloody reckless since I don't know how to change a diaper or which end is up!! So any advice on that would be more than welcome too!!


  1. I had a massive bout of pre-natal depression last summer. It was serious. I don't take that stuff lightly anymore. She should absolutely see someone about a script for Zoloft and talk therapy - especially with two babies. I read Sh.i.e.ld's book, Down Came the Rain, and she talks about how hard she resisted medication and how sorry she was that she did. It's what finally lifted the dark cloud.

    Anyhoo, I'd honestly offer to watch the babies so she could see her doctor about this. The diapering is no biggie and it'll help prep you too. ;)

  2. Great news about your appointment - BP, glucose and cervix all doing as they should!

    You are an ANGEL if you offer to babysit so C can take a nap. I can't tell you what it would mean to me if my own husband would make such an offer (he hasn't)! Just keep them alive, she won't be too concerned about the diapers. And if you do that, you won't even need to bring gifts - YOU'LL be the best gift ever!

  3. The crash of hormones immediately post birth is a doozy and I cried in ways I never knew possible about things big and small.

    The company will do wonders for her...just interacting with someone from the outside world. So, that may really be enough on its own.

    And, even though you feel like a diaper changing neophyte, go ahead and make the offer so she can nap or even take a shower (something she may want even more). Alternately, offer to run a few errands for her...dry cleaner? pet food? drug store? grocery? post office? Target?

    Have a great visit!

  4. Wow--you're such a good friend. Just be there for her and let her know you're not judging her. Be a sounding board, let her say all her frustrations and icky feelings and that they go nowhere beyond the two of you.

    Glad the lemons are doing well! Excited for the big ultrasound!