Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lottery tickets

Anyone else obsessively buying lottery tickets in the pathetic hope of winning buckets of money?

Yeah, I am. Every Wednesday and Saturday I dream of what we could do - after I quit, quit, quit. Have our own foundation (yeah, each week we are going to win TONS of money) and have one of the lovely old french looking apartments on the west side (tons and tons of money). I could work to do something good and look after my little ones all at the same time.

Oh, and a dog called Jasper. A lab.

So here is what is behind all this. This year has been really bad for business. Now, can they fire me - not really, not straight away. But ... I am not thinking this is a long term position!! I can get a job but I have never had to change jobs when I have kids. Anyone had any experience with this? If I change jobs I will probably have to travel quite a bit and work longer hours.

So the question of the day is - new job, new kids, what can I expect???

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  1. Yeah, there was a period of time in which we bought lottery tickets obsessively. I won $3 once.

    Sorry to hear your company is having a bad year. I hope it doesn't mean anything detrimental to your position, but in my experience, change, although sometimes difficult and scary, generally (ultimately)results in something better. Try not to stress about it now...focus on the kids and know that everything will work out. It really will.