Friday, April 30, 2010

calming down.

So that was the wake up call I needed.
On further investigation, 3cm is OK at 22 weeks if there are no other presenting symptoms, and there aren't. Blood pressure is perfect, no glucose issues, no infection etc The only issue is my platelets. I am border line.
Dr K said that the issue was that on the ultrasound (on top of belly - is that a sonogram?) measured short - 2.7 but that measurement is not reliable. I will have the cervix checked often to see if it goes below 3. It isn't the measurement but the amount of change (i.e shortening) as you all knew, my dear clever folks.

I am not to work more than 35 - 40 hours a week. To put that in to context, I hit 36 hours by Wednesday. No flying.

So, I will cut down on work. I will eat consciously and for the benefit of the melons. I will rest up as much as possible and I am wearing my belly belt to reduce the pressure down there. I will approach this as I did my weight loss - follow the rules and stop trying to control everything!!!


  1. I'm so glad you're going to take it a bit easier. My OB is doing vaginal ultrasounds every 2 weeks to check for the cervical length - you might want to ask Dr. K if she'll do that also. Good luck mama!

  2. Good for you for your new cervix control plans!
    So your twins at melons now? Woweee!

  3. Glad you are taking control of the situation. And getting things into perspective - I know that the melons are your number 1, but sometimes we get caught up in work (and that doesn't end when they make an appearance!)

  4. Yes, yes! Must get vaginal cervical ultrasound and am glad you are. If you can get them done weekly for a while, that would be ideal.

    Fortunately, I had vaginal u/s checks (cervix and baby) from 6 wks to 28 wks (which is why we caught my IC). It was a lot, yes, but is what had to be done.

    Good luck to you and babes.