Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crib or college....

We have been trying to find cribs that have a high third setting. This is proving to be difficult. We've found only one so far and I totally love it but its sooooo expensive. The third setting isn't a cosmetic need, it's for my back. After the bad back in January I have permanent nerve and hamstring damage (the cramping was that intense) and I have been told to be very careful about which crib we buy. We wanted to buy everything second hand but we'd be lucky to find these cribs 2nd hand. Our total budget only covers one crib! Looks like we will be having a baby shower after all :-) And buying more lottery tickets.

So, we went crib scoping today and sure enough, we found the crib - its called Muu Sam. It's totally cute and really sturdy and the third setting would make all the difference. Walking around the shop, thinking of my munchkins in that crib, I got so excited! I wanted to buy everything there and then! I wanted them here and healthy and in the stroller, or the crib or the cute bouncy chairs. I wanted to be chatting away with them, changing diapers and feeding them. Whereas my DH was literally having a panic attack, I was in 7th heaven!

Question of the day: what advice can you offer up for protecting my bad back once the munchkins are here??


  1. I have had intermittent back problems and as of late they are worse. I'm not sure about what you can and can't do but here are some thoughts.

    Regarding the cribs. The top setting can only be used for a couple (maybe up to 4) months when the babies are pretty small. As soon as they can roll over and definitely sit up you need to lower it so they don't get a hold of the rail and pull themselves up. So since they are so small it may not be worth it. Unless even picking up 7-12ish pounds hurts for you.
    Also make sure to put the rail down before you pick up tots, it gives you a better angle.

    A couple of other tips. The car seat carriers get heavy. My daughter was able to fit in her infant seat long after I could carry it so I just left it in the car permanently for a couple months before I moved her up to the bigger seat and took her out and carried her.

    My girl is solid and now I don't pick her up much. She is 2.5 and can definitely walk on her own even if she doesn't want to.

    Final thing, I always strain my back when I am doing some weird move. For example:putting my daughter in her bed when she already fell asleep and seting up pillows around bed first, (we were traveling)So when I leaned to put her in, it was a really awkward move. I should have put last pillow up last. duh.. Anyway..

    :) hope that helps.

  2. I wrote this huge long post and it was deleted when my stupid skype popped up. So....I was saying something about a backbrace that I have that DH bought me, inexepensive from a drug store. It's by HomeMedics, comes with magnets in it and pockets for hot/cold packs that it comes with (which I don't use often.) It has saved my life many times when the disc is irritated or when I'm doing unusual repetitive physical activity. It has a velcro band and is the easiest thing in the world to use. It might help your posture when you pick them up or carry them around.
    Couple thoughts about the crib...what about putting the whole crib on a riser. If you are taller, this might work. Another option would be one with an adjustable gate that you could lower when you want to pick them up. Then you could bend your knees and reach in, instead of over. Hope this helps. Take care, you. :)

  3. I was thinking the same thing K mentioned - just get the more traditional crib and put it on blocks for a few months! But do whatever you need to do to protect your back, fortunately my back is like that of an ox so I have no advice. I would talk to your doc and see if there are little exercises you could do for strengthening, maybe you're already doing that. Good luck hon!