Thursday, April 15, 2010

They ARE still there!

The level 2 ultrasound was a bit of an ordeal. I was convinced something was wrong and no matter how much self talking I did I just knew our joy would be ended.
Well, thank everything and everyone, I was totally wrong. Everything looks fine. Phew. Well, everything so far - I have to go back next week to finish the exam because they are laying in bunk beds still but one has flipped around so they are laying head to head and the one on the bottom is really hard to see.

I did see a yawn tho. I saw my baby yawn.

OK, I on to the gender news. The ultrasound chick was from Russia with a very heavy accent. Both DH and I wanted a boy/girl combo but going into the exam I didn't really think I was that bothered what the gender was, just the health.
The Russian chick kept the gender till the end and said baby A is a girl and baby B is also a girl.

DH looked at me and I could see tears in his eyes. "I really wanted one to be a boy" he whispered. Oh my lord my heart just broke for him. Then I realised I was totally devastated as well - I wanted a boy in the mix too.
"ok, honey, its ok. Girls just love their dads and you will be the king of the castle"
He went for a walk to the bathroom (even tho there was one in the exam suite).

By the time he came back he I was getting ready for the cervix check. I kept trying to reassure him that two girls would be fine all the time feeling sad and then guilty that we were being so ungrateful.

"oh wait.. wait" says ultrasound chick "either she has very large clitora.s or she is a boy, let me get another pair of eyes"

The other pair of eyes confirmed that our she was a he. She also said that the other she may be a he too!! I go back next week to find out if we are having two boys or one of each.
How little do we know ourselves. I am sure if we had had two girls we would have been fine with it but as it is, this is a double gift. And I am very grateful.


  1. Congrats! (but your ultrasond tech really needs some more practice if she was wrong on both!) ;)

  2. Ugh! What in the world! Hotdog or hamburger lady! :) I hope you find out for sure!

  3. Whatever you end up having, b/b, g/g/ or b/g, I'm sure you will be ecstatic. Either way - you're pregnant and having twins!!! YAY! Maybe next ultrasound they'll be able to confirm - such an exciting time! I hope you're feeling good these days and I'm thinking of you every day.

    xxoo, Kara's Mom.

  4. Oh - and I live in NJ, so if you ever want to get together for lunch in the city, please let me know. I'd love to meet you IRL and have a chat!

  5. Yay EB -- two healthy babies! What a thing! For what it's worth: I have only ever seen one of each for you. With love,

  6. It's crazy, isn't it, how those of us in the realm of "struggling to have a baby" swear we don't care what the gender is, we just want to be pregnant and have a healthy baby. But it is only natural to have a teensy bit of a preference - at least BEFORE we know for sure, and before the babies are born. I remember our gender u/s and the tech telling us our baby was a boy. The tech then left the room to confer with the doc and my DH looked at me as soon as the tech was out of sight and asked, "Are you disappointed it's not a girl?" Maybe part of me was. For a minute, anyway. Of course now I am so smitten with this little baby boy I can't imagine having any other baby.

    That said, you have to wait some more to find out for sure!