Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The person that was to cover my maternity leave has just told me she is interviewing for new jobs. What the fuck! I have covered this chick for years. Just drives me mad.
No idea what I will do, since I work in a specialized area and there is no-one on board right now that is able to cover for me.

She just blew her bonus even if she decides to stay.


  1. No way. She has GOT to know what kind of position this puts you in. Can you tell her, "Fine, interview for a new job. Of course I expect you to uphold and fully perform your end of our verbal agreement that you will cover me during my maternity leave. I leave it to you to figure out how you will do that."????

  2. Well, that does suck but honestly, I'm not sure why this is YOUR problem and not your boss's problem. You are entitled to 12 week of FMLA - by law - and the guarantee of your job or a comparable job upon return. If you wait until your water breaks and then decide to take 3 months off, there isn't a damned thing your company can do about it. Sure, only 2 months will be paid by short term disability (that's the normal time for a c-section, which is likely with twins), but you can technically take another full month without pay if you wanted and they still have to save your job (or a comparable one) for you.

    Listen, I love your sense of responsibility and work ethic but this is the time to establish how it's going to be - not how your boss wants it to be.

  3. I have to agree with Sky on this one. You need to be focused on you and your little ones, not on how your boss is going to cover your maternity leave. The situation stinks, but really, it's not your problem. And don't let anyone make you feel guilty about taking the time you need. After all, the time to enjoy them as newborns is so fleeting - be greedy and enjoy every moment you can!

  4. Isn't there always something?! And who knows, maybe this lady won't get anything and will be here to cover after all. I agree, it is NOT your problem. And they have several months to figure something else out, so one way or another, it'll be ok.

    FOcus on those babies - you have more than enough on your plate!

  5. That really stinks. And while I agree that technically, it shouldn't be your problem, I know that in reality, when you're the breadwinner, the technicalities don't matter. You need to what it takes to protect your job and not inconvenience anyone else, when really, you'd rather devote all your time, energy and thoughts to your new babies.

    I am in a similar situation - without my job, the mortgage, cars, etc. can't get paid, I earn 10 times what my husband does. So while I was entitled to 12 weeks of NO working, the reality was that I had to stay connected to the office pretty much every day, and even do conference calls, review presentations, talk to clients, etc. I hated it, and wished I could just completely disconnect, but that wouldn't have put me in a good light with my boss and others that have a big influence over my success.

    I hope she doesn't find a new job, or if she does, that it happens quick so maybe you could find a replacement before your leave?? Either way, I would definitely line up a baby nurse or a postpartum doula to help you out at certain times during the week, so hopefully you can at least count on some down time.