Tuesday, April 27, 2010

elephant feet

I have elephant feet. Good lord they are swollen. It's all starting to happen - the swelling, the itching, the bloating.. and I have no problem with any of it. Grateful to be preggers!

I would, however, happily accept any suggestions you might have for reducing the swelling since, well, it looks pretty bad!


  1. Oh boy, sorry you've got to deal with that. I guess you can try to put your feet up as often as possible. Get a pair (or 2) of compression hose. I think that's all that can help. Of course you can ask your DH to massage them for you too!

  2. Feet up whenever you can! Oh, and also those pressure socks/hose. The only "trick" is that you have to put them on when you are not bent over and letting all the water rush back to your legs. Lay back on the bed and do it. I had the darndest time trying to get them on when I was 35+ weeks preg. I couldn't reach my feet! What might follow? After birth (believe it or not), you can become even more swollen. I had so much liquid in my legs that I could leave a handprint impression on my legs if I gave them a squeeze. Eww.

    Hope your swelling is only temporary!

  3. Get off your feet my dear! :)

  4. that does not sound like fun at all! take the PPs advice and I hope that improves things:)