Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What do you want to be when you grow up

I had a posh lunch today with various VIP's from the grey world I work in. They were all male. They are all very wealthy since they they run businesses and they all had HUGE watches on!!
Each was totally dysfunctional in their own way. They sat and smiled, drank and joked while trying to cut everyone else down. One of the worst of them asked me if the kids would follow me into the corner office. I smiled and changed the subject.

What a ridiculous question. Do I want them to be a business person? Are you kidding me! My dreams for these little melons is happiness, not greed. They will inherit their dads creativity and his talents. I see them in homes that are warm and full of loving smiles. I see them adding to the world in meaningful ways, through music or teaching or thinking or giving or any way but please, not in the crap that I have to churn out! I hope they inherit my musical abilities, my humour and physical strength but NOT my business card.

My fellow lunch munchers have their kids in private schools, best universities and have the corner office already waiting for them. Imagine the shock when they asked me which school we intended to send them to and I replied P.S.116. They all looked so shocked. I laughed all afternoon.


  1. My husband calls those kind of grey suit men "Hot Air Bags" because they tend to want to puff about themselves. And don't they think they are so clever with the comment about the kids following you to the corner office? Hmph. I worked with a gaggle of lawyer HABs who, as it turns out, may be wealthy, but they're not very interesting.

    A few days ago you asked what we wished someone had told us before we had babies. I thought of something you might want: mitten cuff shirts. You know the little white shirts that cross snap and have long sleeves with cuffs that fold over the hands? They not only keep the baby's hands warm, they also keep the baby from inadvertently scratching his face - and they are born with ragged, long, sharp nails! I wish I had known about the mitten cuff shirts because my poor babe spent many days scratching his precious little face. Plus, I cover his hands on cold nights so his little fingers keep warm.

  2. Sweet. I love that you don't buy into it. :)

  3. Good for you! Those people sound vapid, soulless and without imagination!

  4. PS 116 is an awesome school. Good for you guys!
    The whole private school racket is such a farce.

  5. P.S. 116. That's awesome! ;)