Saturday, April 10, 2010


Damn I am tired today. The concert went great, although I am not a huge fan of the Brahms. I know I ought to be, with him being the musician's musician and all that. I managed to fit in to my formal skirt and my baby bump was totally obvious. I loved it and IMHO thought I looked rather lovely. Did DH take photo's? No, he waited till today when I am in jeans and old sweater and look like hell to start clicking!

After a tough week and a concert I am wiped. And next week is just as hectic. However, on Friday DH and I take the train up north to a 70 acre organic farm and spa where we have rented a house overlooking the river, with a porch and fireplace. We have booked two massages and I intent to eat EVERYTHING they can possibly produce. All the eggs, milk, veggies and in some cases the meat come from the farm. The rest of the time, I shall swim in the spa pool, rock on the porch and sleep by fire. Two whole nights of bliss. And fresh fresh fresh air. Wish it was a week. Ah well.

On Wednesday we go for our fetal anatomy u/s. Anyone want to guess what they think they will find? Boy/Girl combo, or same gender.


  1. I'm going for the combo pack-boy + girl! Enjoy your great weekend!

  2. That weekend away sounds heavenly! Glad youreenjoying showing off your bump:)
    I vote for one boy and one girl!

  3. I vote for the boy/girl combo! I hope you continue to have a great weekend and get some more rest :)

  4. Glad you made it through the concert, I must say I'm not a huge Brahms fan either. Although he does have some beautiful stuff out there...the requiem is not my fav or his either.

    Couldn't even guess what they will find re the twins, can't wait to get the news!

  5. When I was pregnant and even now that the baby is here, I have to ask my DH to take photos, or I have to set up the camera and do it myself. You may have to do the same thing if you want some photos to memorialize this time in your life - don't let it slip away!

    I'm going to go along with the others and guess a boy/girl combo. I can't WAIT to find out!!!! So exciting! Have a great time at the u/s!

  6. I recently learned somewhere that b/g twins are the most common. However, I will buck the trend and vote for two of a kind (but don't ask me which as I'm not that kind of soothsayer).