Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baby baby baby

It's been a weekend of babies. I saw my friends new born twins. Oh so super cute( and I am not a baby person). The girl makes cute little noises and the boy was fast asleep, making little mouth movements. I've never seen newborns before and it made me excited to meet my own. She was going through a tough time, Cornell high risk OB's take you to the birth then basically abandon you, it would seem.

Then we went on baby stuff 'reco'. Cribs - well, they are kinda boring unless you want to spend KAZILLIONS! I got bored of crib shopping pretty quick so I went to the clothing section (ohhhh mmmmmmyyyyy). Then stroller testing. The long, in line strollers - not for new york!! It's like driving a bloody Juggernaut. DH managed to maneuver it but I just ran it into a bunch of stuff and knock it all flying. It is somewhat intimidating thinking there will be 2 babies then 2 toddlers then 2 kids then ... 2 teenagers (gulp).
Everyone keeps telling us "oh its going to be so hard".
Well, we have decided to go all zen with this thing. We are creative people and haven't bought into the New York lifestyle, so we are gonna flow with the chaos and keep in mind, everyday is a gift. Remind me of that this time next year!!!!!! I'm going to ask DH to make a project called 'our life' (he's a photographer) as an heirloom for the kids. If we can stay focused on the reason we are caring for the screaming, pooping life forms, we may stay focused on the good things.

And in other news .... I have a big roll of fat around my middle on top of the baby belly. It is most disconcerting since I have only put on 7 pounds. Actually, everything is flabby. My arms, my ass (oh man, huge ass), hips, even my chin. My friend has a sister that is a prenatal yoga instructor and she has got me a great rate. Lets see if I can tone up just a little before my chin, boobs, belly and hips meld into one big block of fat. Just imagine it - big square wobbly torso and rugby player legs. mmn attractive.

Lovely Easter Sunday here today. hope you're having a lovely spring day too.


  1. Long time lurker here. People LOVE to tell you all about the hard parts of parenting but they rarely tell you about the overwhelming joy. I am rooting for you! Congrats.

  2. I'm hearing the same things..."better you than me" or "it will be crazy at your house". I welcome all of it. A live baby is a HUGE welcome from not bringing a baby home at all. I welcome all the sleepless nights, the fussiness, the chaos of it all. I'm so excited to be having twins that nothing could dissuade me from enjoying every moment. I'm glad you're not listening to them. You guys will be just FINE! xxoo

  3. Of COURSE it will joyful having your babies at long last! But you also know enough to realize that there are some difficulties ahead too. Like you, we don't have family nearby to help us (well, there's Wacky know...) and so my best advice is if you have the money, forget buying high-end anything and save that money to buy yourself sleep and sanity: get a nurse or mother's helper! (sorry for the unsolicited assvice - I'm probably too delirious from lack of sleep to know better).

    As for the body changes - pregnancy does weird things (remember my nipple that grew a nipple?), but most are reversible after the babies are born.

    And, as always, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!